Yaz comprises Drospirenone & Ethinyl Estradiol termed as a solid form of oral pills, which aids deter ovulation & acts like a finest birth control pills to drop down the risk of pregnancy. It alters the cervical & uterine surface, turning it quite tauter for sperm to get intothe uterus to form an egg. The best deed of this drug is that it can be exerts by the female of 15 years of age, the one who desire to get sexually interrelated & supposing not to get pregnant. A female who had her first menstruation can practice this dose. It comes under the group of hormonal contraceptives & termed as a most effective & best way of birth control. Purchasing Yaz online can afford you in an inexpensive price. Order yaz from the site called DayNightHealthCare.com since we have the drugs approved by FDA. Amongst all, it is considered one of the best contraceptive pills.

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Dosage direction of Yaz

A kit of Yaz comprises 24 hormonal pills (active drugs) & 4 non-hormonal (inactive drugs). You need to take one pill every day with the plentiful of water without mashing or crushing. One has to maintain one day gap between the dosages. The 28 days pregnancy prevention kit holds 7 "reminder" medicines to hold your regular menstruation cycle.This makes sure that you are on regular period.You perhaps face a heavy menstrual bleeding for minimum 3 months while going under this medication process.

Prevention measures of yaz

One must avoid consuming yaz once turned pregnant or planning to conceive. Yaz is pregnancy prevention pills not an abortion one. Anyone addicted to alcohol or smoking cigarettes must avoid taking it completely. Run the dose as it has been directed without missing any of the doses. You need to take the supplements every day same time. Missing any of the doses may enhance the risk of pregnancy. Prior using this kit makes sure that you are not facing any kind of severe health disorders.


Numbness, weakness, head pain, chest pain, vomiting, etc. are some wide seen form of side-effects.


Kindly store it in the room temperature devoid of exposingit to sunlight, air,and kids.

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