Nuvaring is a small flexible vaginal ring, which needs to be fixed inside the vagina to get prevented from pregnancy. One Nuvaring works for 3 weeks until you get the menstruation. You need to change the ring every month after menstruation. It is also called vaginal ring, which works by discharging egg from the ovaries. Nuvaring discharges hormones, which are liable to turn you, get pregnant. Hormones are a form of chemicals generates in our bodies. It holds the hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Purchasing Nuvaring online could afford you economical in price.

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NuvaRing 0.12mg/0.015mg

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How the Nuvaring does works?

The hormones in the ring, acts by releasing the egg from the ovaries, making the cervical mucus firmer, which restricts the sperm to get inside of it.

How to use this Nuvaring?

Nuvaring is a very simple, safe & convenientin use. It advancesthe sexual lives; since, it helps them feel more impulsive. Many women who practiced this contraceptive ring have noticed more frequent, lighter & shorter periods. You are likely to get pregnant once you missed placing the ring. The gadget actually acts like a birth control or pregnancy prevention pills, which secures pregnancy by liberating hormone into your body. Nuvaring is a kind of intrauterine round shapeapparatus use for the precautionary method to thwart from pregnancy. Since, the ring found flexible in form, you can place it inside the vagina effortlessly. Wash the area well and take a position to fix the ring inside the vagina. You need to be hygienic in overall process. You might get a mild bleeding while fixing the ring. Well, it is optional for the one who have already been using some kind of birth control or contraceptive supplements.

Prevention therapy 

Note that nuvaring is a pregnancy inhibitionapparatus,not an abortion one. Kindly Fix the ring gradually& take out effortlessly. Do not use any instrument to place or remove the ring.


It doesn’t hold any kind of side-effects, but one need to take certain posture while fixing the gadgets.


Place the ring container in safe & secure place, entirely in your contact area. Dispose the used ring in safe place. Do not let it get in contact of your kids.

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