Flagyl comprises metronidazole, which is also known as an antibiotic pill. It helps combat with bacteria in the body and drop down its growth and expansion. Flagyl tablet exerts treating bacterial taints of the vagina, abdomen, skin, joints & respiratory tract. Remember, this drug will not treat and cure a vaginal yeast infection. Metronidazole acts meritoriously pawn to anaerobic microbes and certain parasites. Buy cheap Flagyl online in a reasonable price. Order it today from the site called  Daynighthealthcare247.com Anaerobic bacteria listed as single-celled, living organisms, which live in the environment upsetting mostly abdominal, liver and pelvis region of the human body. Giardia lamblia & ameba are intestinal organisms, which is accountable to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea tar in concerned person. Further, it also moderates the ailment known as trichomonas a vaginal parasite which causes soreness of the vagina. Metronidazole predominantly encumbers and slays the activation of bacterial cells and organisms.

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Flagyl 200mg

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Flagyl 400mg

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An intake procedure

Your health condition decides your dosage intake. The quantity of dosage fluctuates as per the austerity of the condition. Exerting it in upper or lower amount may cause a negative impact. The strength of the dosage differs as per the age group and gender. The suggested quantity of dosage is 250 mg to 600mg; an adult must practice 500mg in a day and a child must take 200 mg under prescription. Because, it is an oral tablet has to be taken with a sufficient amount of water, devoid of breaking or crushing. As we are well enough to understand that practicing any of the medicine in over amount leads to cause a kind of severe side-effects.

Safety procedure

A person, who is unfit and going through complicated health hurdle, must limit taking this medicine. Run the dosage under extreme prescription if you are pregnant or going under breastfeeding phase. Most of the time doctors restrict taking this supplement during these phases. One must maintain an ample amount of gap between the dosages. Taking two different form of medicine must maintain 4 to 6 hours break.


Diarrhea, head pain, body fatigue, stomach burning, etc. are some most seen form of side-effects


Store the drug in the room temperature away from the heat and moisture.

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