Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil

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Cod liver oil is made from the liver of the codfishes. Cod liver oil supplements are available as cod liver oil pills and capsule. These supplements are obtained from codfishes of the frosty water collections of North Atlantic Ocean. The principle reason for this is that the water bodies in that area are more perfect and contamination free. Admission of cod liver oil as pills, capsules or the cod liver oil itself is a choice of individual that an individual needs to make. Cod liver oil is evaluated as a high source of vitamin A, Vitamin D and vitamin E. Researchers found high amount of omega-3 essential fatty acid in the cod liver oil. 


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Cod Liver Oil capsules

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No of Units Price  
30 Soft Caps $30.00
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300 Soft Caps 30 Free Caps $150.00


While cod liver oil can play an important role in hair development, it supplies a high amount of nutrition to enhance general well being. Having the essential vitamins and minerals in the eating regimen can regularly prompt solid skin, nails, and hair, which is mostly why cod liver oil has a tendency to work so well for hair. This supplement contains omega-3 fatty acid, which you can likewise get from soybeans, nuts, and some fish, for example, fish and mackerel. The body does not make omega-3, which is the reason supplementing with either cod liver oil or nourishments that contain the supplement is essential. This supplement additionally contains vitamins A and D, which implies that in the event that you take cod liver oil, you will probably get sufficient measures of these nutrients.

Side effects: 

Taking fish oil supplements in higher doses and/or for longer period of time that may develop the risk of vitamin A and D toxicity. The NIH's Office of Dietary Supplements reports that high level of vitamin A can bring about abnormalities in newborn, liver disorder, reduced bone mineral density that may bring about osteoporosis, and central nervous system issue. Unnecessary vitamin D can intake bring side effect such as diarrhea, feeling weakness and weight reduction to hypercalcemia, which can prompt cognitive impairment, kidney stones or failure. People taking multivitamins in high measurements should tell to their doctor. 


Cod liver oil ought to be obtained in glass bottle and must keep in a cool dry spot. When the oil is opened it is best put in the fridge. Continuously buy cod liver oil from a respectable source to guarantee that it is pure and free from contaminants.

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