Annihilate cancer perplexes with Casodex
Prostate cancer is one of the gradually succeeding cancer conditions of prostate gland in males. This clinical health condition thus, bestows males with various symptoms associated with this condition. And, as every difficult problem do has a solution, so does this detrimental health complication of males is found to have an effective clinical remedy in the name of Casodex to eliminate your deadly advanced prostate metastatic cancer.

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Casodex 50mg

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No of Units Price  
30 Pills $99.00
60 Pills $175.00
90 Pills + 10 Pills Free $249.00
120 Pills + 20 Pills Free $299.00

Casodex Action Mechanism
Casodex employs a full proof target-oriented unique strategy to break the ice of cancer and its associated symptoms. It initiates its action by binding to the androgen receptors and thereby impeding the up-regulation of the genes that respond to androgen. As a result, the activation of the androgen hormones is hindered, which greatly aids in mitigating your cancer progression and paving way to its elimination.

Casodex Dosage

A 50mg Casodex medication is recommended to be taken on daily basis to cure the prostate cancer as well as its related clinical complications. The medication works in the same manner whether taken during the day time or consumed at the evening period. But, medical professionals’ recommended that the drug should be taken at approximately the same time daily so that the medication is maintained at similar concentration in the blood.

Casodex Advantages 

The main reason for the increasing popularity of Casodex is its amazingly great potency, efficacy, reliability and safety profile and also the fact that currently this is the only anti-cancer medication available for treating prostate cancer in males.

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