Know All Fact & Understand the Abortion Process with MTP Kit

MTP Kit stands for Medical Termination of Pregnancy for early pregnancy termination using medicines. The MTP Kit contains a total of 5 pills, a single pill of Mifepristone, and 4 pills of Misoprostol. This online Abortion Pills are FDA-approved and are considered safe and effective if used before 63 days of pregnancy, starting the first day from the last menstrual period. If used exactly as directed does not cause any serious health risks.

What is the use of MTP Kit?

Buy MTP Kit online helps to terminate a pregnancy. Order Mifepristone online which is consumed first to block the progesterone hormone that stops the supply of the pregnancy hormone that maintains the interior of the uterus. Without these hormones, the uterus cannot support the pregnancy and hence the pregnancy gets terminated. Due to this, the embryo gets detached from the womb. 

Later, when online Misoprostol is administered buccally or vaginally as directed at intervals of 24 hours, taking 2 pills at once. It causes contractions in the uterus and bleeding, and the embryo gets flushed out from the body. 

Benefits of the online MTP Kit

  1. It is affordable, and one can purchase MTP kit online at a reasonable price.
  2. Does not need to go through surgical procedures or anaesthesia. 
  3. This abortion pill has a higher success rate. 
  4. This termination procedure can be carried out in the most comfortable, and secure place like home. 
  5. They can be together with someone who is most trusted when going through Abortion or can be done alone.
  6. It maintains privacy. 
  7. Some women feel it gives them greater control over their bodies. 

Who should not use MTP KIT online?

  1. Pregnancy longer than 9 weeks. 
  2. Have an ectopic pregnancy, i.e., pregnancy outside the uterus.
  3. Have a chronic adrenal failure. 
  4. Have anemia or blood clotting disorder. 
  5. Are allergic to Abortion pills.
  6. Have an Intrauterine Device (IUD).
  7. Not have access to emergency care.

Consult with your healthcare expert and let them know about your condition to get the proper and safe treatment without any adverse effects on your health. If taken without consultation can lead to infection, allergic reactions, heavy bleeding, or incomplete abortion. 

Are there any side effects of the MTP Kit?

Shortly after administering the second pill, Misoprostol, a few possible side effects can occur, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, chills, or low fever. These effects usually go away after a while. But if any of these effects stay longer than 24 hours or get worse should get help immediately from a healthcare expert.


There are many reasons why a woman chooses to have an abortion due to various factors like financial issues, serious health conditions, and social, or psychological reasons. Whatever may be the reasons, but the decision is highly and purely personal, but it does not mean the decision is less difficult or emotional to make. Knowing all facts about abortion help you make an educated choice for your overall well-being.

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