How does financial burden affect teen pregnancy?

Pregnancy is never an issue, financial conditions definitely are. There are millions of people who choose to have an abortion with the help of online Cytotec pills, but pregnancy or being financially stable is not easy. There are millions of people who choose to have an abortion, but want to keep the child. When nothing goes hand in hand, women need to tolerate those things. 

It’s never easy for women to have an abortion as an option. Though financial stability is a concern, society thinks how?

Well, it does matter and a few questions are mentioned below

How does the financial stability affect the mother?

Pre care

Well, while you have just conceived there are several things that are to be considered. Once you conceive prenatal care requires money. Various tests are run and those require money. There are ample of things right from the first trimester to the third trimester that changes and it requires money. Hence, considering financial stability becomes important.

During delivery

Well, it seems so easy to say that baby comes out of the genitals easily.

At times, the mother becomes helpless and C-section is the only method left. Hence, to have a smoother pregnancy, you need to pay bills for hospitalization, doctor's fees, and medicines ofcourse. 


Well, as mentioned, your kid won’t come for free. Like it requires certain expenses and the surgery are conducted to let an infant from the womb. Similarly, once the delivery is done, the injections for the infant, the care of the infant, and many other things require financial stability.

Be it a couple or single mother, several things are considered under expense and no person other than the mother considers it and concludes an abortion.

It's not the only infant who requires financial stability, but further, there are more things such as studies, basic needs, and other expenses that make one consider the financial stability before continuing with the pregnancy.

Affect of income instability in prenatal development

Prenatal development is considered the test while you conceive. This is an expense that allows women to know about nurturing an infant well.

There are millions of women who fail to look after prenatal development and this is likely to cause a negative impact on the development. 

At times, the risk is caused to the health of the mother, and hence considering prenatal care helps to know how to deal with one.

Having access to poor financial stability costs women more. This is likely to cause negative impacts such as increased stress and depression. 

How does poverty affect teen pregnancy?

Most teen pregnancies that occur are due to a lack of education. The second reason behind having teen pregnancy is poverty.

Sexual abuse behind the third reason, this is likely to cause a negative impact on the health of mother and infant. Due to pregnancy, teens do mostly have to deal with the negatives. Teens usually don’t have an idea about pregnancy. And when pregnancy occurs, they don’t have any idea about an abortion. Also, abortion is not easily accessible to them. Also, education is being distanced due to pregnancy and this leads to poverty. Poverty makes it hard for teens to continue or even discontinue the pregnancy.

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