How to manage Urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

Having several disorders today is common, but when you are pregnant and having a UTI literally makes you worry. Most of the women do think that having an abortion with online Cytotec tablets or indulging in sexual intimacy are reasons behind having a UTI. UTI in simple words is an infection caused in the urinary tract. Your doctors can recommend you right set of anti-biotic and get the disorder managed well. This is a common type of infection diagnosed in 50% of women once in a lifetime.

UTI usually occur and hence women are recommended to be smart enough to deal with them. While there are so many antibiotic treatments you can stick to evidence-based home remedies that help to manage UTI

Stay hydrated

Consuming enough water is one of the best ways help to prevent UTI. UTI or Urinary tract infection occurs when the waste from the body is not excreted properly. Urinary tract Organ is a way from where the waste from the bodies is removed. Being hydrated dilutes the urine and hence the speed of the bacteria get expelled from the system.

When you consume enough water, it becomes hard for the bacteria to reach the cells and cause infection. 

Use probiotics

Beneficial bacteria, such as probiotics are the one that helps to keep the urinary tract healthy and relieves you from harmful bacteria. The probiotics are known as lactobacilli and prove to be helpful in treating and preventing UTI.

Natural probiotics help to
  • Prevent harmful bacteria to reach the urine track system and get attested to the cells.
  • Lowers the urine pH and the condition becomes unfavorable for bacteria to grow
  • The production of hydrogen peroxide is controlled and works as anti-bacterial
  • Some products or food that is fermented and belong to the probiotic group are yogurts, different types of cheese, kefir, and sauerkraut.

You can also seek a probiotic supplement that is available in capsule form and add to the water or beverage and consume it.

Getting enough of vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that works completely in favor of immune system function. Vitamin C interacts with the nitrates in the urine and form nitrogen oxide and this kills the bacteria.

The consumption of Vitamin C helps to reduce the pH level and decline the chances of bacteria growing. 

Even the consumption of cranberry proves to be beneficial for the health of women. This too allows managing the UTI and experience other benefits. 

Urinate when it urges

Well, most people or all people are likely to urinate only when they feel to do so. For the time when till when you have pressure, the chances of bacteria growing increases. It is necessary that you do have frequent urination, and this helps to eliminate the chances of having an infection.

Also, by urinating frequently, the chances of bacteria multiplying decreases. 

Do wipe properly

Well, women are aware that their genitals are likely to get exposed to infection easily. Hence, women are recommended to be careful while they wipe their genitals. The genitals should always be wiped front to back as this helps to reduce the chances of bacteria being transferred from the anus to the vagina. 

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