How does obesity have an effect on your fertility?

It’s a different situation when you end up having incubation or pregnancy. Usually, women tend to enjoy this beautiful time, still, there are cases wherein women fail to conceive. One of the reasons behind being unable to conceive is having an irregular menstrual period. There are a number of women who deal with such problems and this is nothing new. Having an irregular menstrual period is linked with various issues, one of which includes obesity.

People do hear about obesity and conclude it’s the only reason. Many other reasons cause irregular menstrual periods.  Being obese one of them the various things that one needs to know or conquer your mind are,

How does one need to be worried about the miss periods?

To have a good menstrual flow, we need to have a good weight. A lot of the time women are either recommended to increase their weight or shed a few pounds. It’s not always the number on your scale, you also need to look after a good BMI.

You simply can follow the mentioned measures to know the body mass index.

  1. Start by knowing your wait.
  2. Do you know your height in inches and multiply it by itself.
  3. Simply divide your weight with the height that you have multiplied.
  4. The total that you receive is to be multiplied by 703

Only doing this doesn’t help you, you need to know on a scale how 

BMI helps to know about obesity.

Women likely to have a BMI below 18.5 are categorized as underweight. Similarly the women with normal weight range between 18.5 to 24.9 BMI. You can consider yourself under the category of overweight if your BMI ranges from 25 to 29.9. Women can only be obese if their BMI is more than 30.

How does body fat affect your menstrual period?

It’s necessary that you do have some fats in your body. The fats don’t mean you do have bad fats in the body. Hence consider that your body should have enough fat that makes the process smooth. At times the low level of fats in the body does refrain women from having their menstrual periods. The low levels of body fat do affect your hormones. If you do not understand those body fats do simply seek help from the health care system.

Should you confirm pregnancy if you mess with your periods?

In case you’re sexually active, you need to conclude the pregnancy between 7 to 12 days after the successful implantation of eggs. Well, if you’re sexually inactive, you need to consider the other reasons that affect your periods. Also, if you’re sexually active and then concluding pregnancy, you can consider the use of an online MTP kit and get rid of this situation. On the other hand, if there's some reason, your gynecologist is the right person to answer your queries.

How soon can you know about the pregnancy?

Well, if you’ve missed the periods, do consider undergoing a home pregnancy test. Usually, pregnancy symptoms can be experienced within five to six weeks and this is the right time to bother about the symptoms. You can even seek assistance from a doctor to confirm the same.

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