The link between Obesity and the menstrual period

Having a smoother menstrual period is not possible for any woman. For a day or so, one does end up having cramps or pain in the abdominal area that causes a woman to not perform the activity smoothly. Women do end up having some or other issues when the menstrual period is late. Well, this has something to do with your weight and hence women even during pregnancy are recommended to maintain the right weight. Well, at times, the menstrual periods do go for a toss and women do end up having unwished gestation.

Women with the unplanned pregnancy need to understand the concern and the situation becomes such that one need to order online Abortion Pills. Well, there is a link between weight, obesity, and the menstrual cycle.

Weight is something that contributes to and affects the menstrual periods in women.  Your health not only contributes to effect on your health, but your appearances to get affected. Besides those, self-esteem, and the confidence does get affected. At times, women do end up having health conditions such as heart disorder, palpitations, low blood pressure, and being underweight.

Being overweight does have a negative effect on estrogen

A woman’s ovaries do produce a female hormone known as progesterone. Also, male hormones are produced in women's bodies. Estrogen is the element that builds the uterine lining known as the endometrium. This build-up of estrogen is something that does build the lining and is responsible for nourishing the fertilized eggs. If the fertilization process doesn’t take place, the lining sheds, and women do end up having menstruation or periods. Every woman does ovulate and shed those linings at different times.

Well, if you end up having obesity it is likely to affect your estrogen and you might experience a delay in your pregnancy.

The definite side of the menstrual cycle

Even if you have weak estrogen, you are likely to experience the effect on glands. Women who are overweight or obese are likely to have extra fat cells that have little estrogen-making factories. Those added estrogens do end up causing bleeding or menstrual disorder. This is something that should be taken care of properly and hence, women are guided to look after their weight.

Does period cause a change in weight or obesity?

Weight loss or gain can have a negative impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle. This can go vice versa at times. Well, you need to understand that though those cycles aren’t connected directly, they do have a negative impact indirectly. 

While you do bleed, you end up losing few essential nutrients from your body. When such a situation occurs, you tend to shed some weight and this is likely to have a negative impact on weight. 

Though it might directly affect your weight, it indirectly might contribute to an increase or decrease in your weight. 

Well, there are few secondary conditions too that cause impact on obesity and menstrual periods


Unfortunately, this PMS symptom is likely to have an effect on your weight. This causes women to retain body and this leads to temporary weight gain. This sudden fluctuation makes it difficult for women to maintain the right weight.

Change in appetite

Well, as your menstrual cycle is about to end, your hormones change and you tend to consume the food items that please your cravings. Hence, women having a change in appetite can experience a fluctuation in weight.

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