Why does an old woman have the possibility of a miscarriage?

When it's about pregnancy, women are guided to conceive at an early age. There are millions of women who get pregnant at an early age, but do prefer to buy pregnancy termination tablets and get rid of the pregnancy. While some simply crave that they could conceive easily. Women today are ambitious and which to achieve a successful career and get into something that makes it easy for their kids to live a satisfying life. Hence, most women do prefer to conceive late.  

While everything has its pros and cons, even conceiving later has some cons.

Women who get pregnant at a later age are likely to have fewer chances of getting pregnant. There is a list of issues and drawbacks of conceiving late.  

Being older means, you’re settled, you can get your kids everything whatever he or she wants.  This helps you not think much and spend well on your kids.  Also, you do have good knowledge about parenting and you can easily proceed with having a good life. 

But while you’re conceiving late, you need to be aware as there are chances of miscarriage.

Women who are older and wish to conceive have normal babies and normal pregnancies, but still, a few risks are included. One of them is miscarriage. Usually, miscarriage occurs in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage increases as your age increases and, hence, you need to be careful while conceiving.

Usually, a human body does have various underlying ailments that make the pregnancy complication, and hence one needs to consider all the facts and then continue with the pregnancy.

High blood pressure and diabetes are common disorders, but are capable to make it really hard for women to continue with the pregnancy. Women who conceive late are likely to have a miscarriage due to those issues too.

Miscarriage as per age criteria

  • Women who are below 30 or are 30 are likely to experience miscarriage only by 8%
  • Women who belong to the age group between 30-34 are likely to have a 12% risk of miscarriage.
  • Women between the age of 35-37 are likely to have a 16% chance of miscarriage.
  • While that of women belonging to the age group of 38 and 39nhave 33%chaces.
  • Women between the age of 40-43 are at risk of 45% chance
  • And women between the age of 44-46 are at risk of 60% of having a miscarriage.

Hence, women are guided to plan the pregnancy and then conceive.

Tips to consider while you conceive later or during old age

  • An old woman is always guided to follow some of the strict tips that help to manage the pregnancy and include,
  • Maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Gaining weight or shedding weight should be done only under the guidance of a health care provider. 
  • Get advice even before you conceive as this helps you avoid the initial stage complications. 
  • Indulge in a balanced diet that helps you maintain a good weight and helps you get all the required nourishment. 
  • Take the prenatal vitamins that are recommended to you, to replenish the needs of the body.

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