Can a weak immune system lead to vaginal infection?

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage experienced by a woman and one needs to take care of various things. The genitals during this are sensitive and one needs to try to keep them away as much as possible. Women who do wish to discontinue with pregnancy usually do prefer to use online Misoprostol tablets and this assists with terminating the pregnancy smoothly. Well, when it said to take care of genitals the number of things that are to be considered. Even post-abortion, women are not recommended to disturb the genital's pH level.

When it comes to genitals vagina infection is one of the prominent things that can occur. Vaginal yeast infection is one of the common types of infection that is caused due to Candida. It usually lives only due to an imbalance of good bacteria in the vagina. If there is an imbalance between the good bacteria within the vagina, a woman is likely to develop an infection. At times the conditions such as estrogen and weak immune system are the reasons behind the vaginal infection. 

Weak immune system

Some of the medicines recommended for managing chronic issues are the reason behind the weak immune system. Those remedies sometimes are the reason behind having a vaginal yeast infection. A woman having a comprised immune system does end up feeling difficult to fight off infection. Also, women who have had organ transplants might too end up having a weaker immune system and this increased the risk of infection.

Methods that help to reduce the risk of infection

If you have a health condition that makes us susceptible to yeast infection do follow the below-mentioned tips

Stay dry

Your genitals must be dry so that there are fewer chances of you getting infected. The infections such as Candida do grow in a moist place and it becomes necessary to keep the genitals dry. Even if you take up the activities such as swimming you need to ensure you do remove clothes soon after performing any activity. Maintaining dryness doesn't mean you need to spoil the pH level of the genital.

Opt for unscented products

Women usually do love to use scented products and this is likely to disturb the pH level and cause an infection. Hence, women are recommended to use unscented bubble bath spray, tampons, pads, or spray. Such products not only alter the pH level, but increases the chances of getting infected by bacteria.

Avoid douching

A woman usually does have a habit of cleaning the genitals and at times during certain periods, the genitals are not being washed. The vagina does have its bacteria and this helps to keep it clean. Hence, women are not recommended to use any special soap or liquid to keep it clean. Even douching can increase the chance of having an infection. 

Don’t soak

Usually, a person does love to soak themselves in a hot water tub. While you end up having infections, you’re not recommended to do so as this is likely to increase the chances of survival of bacteria. 

Choose cotton

Well, women, today are comfortable wearing, good and aesthetic lingerie, but when you do land in a problem such as having a yeast infection, do try to stick to cotton underwear. These are the best options that you can stick to as this is breathable clotting material. 

Be it any sort of infection, having a weaker immune system causes a problem and one is likely to experience those infections repeatedly. 

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