How does the issue of chromosomes cause miscarriage?

Dealing with pregnancy and miscarriage or abortion is a simple decision that women can take. There are millions of women who do take such a decision and this is nothing new. Well, most women prefer to plan the pregnancy and then continue with it. There are a few others who just want to terminate the pregnancy and can order online Abortion Pills. Well, few terminate on their own, while few just have a miscarriage. 

There are millions of women who end up having a miscarriage and there are thousands of reasons due to which this can happen.

One single reason due to which women do end up having a miscarriage is Chromosomal abnormalities. This is a common reason behind miscarriage and results in stillbirth too.

Risk factors of abnormalities

Since the chromosomal issues are somewhat random in nature, most women after having one pregnancy affected due to chromosomal abnormalities are likely to have a normal pregnancy. Chromosomal abnormalities do occur in infant only if anyone or both partners do have a balanced translocation.

Women who prefer getting pregnant later are at more risk of having chromosomal abnormalities and hence, conceiving during an early age is recommended.

How go know whether the infant might have chromosomal abnormalities?

There are certain tests performed and this helps women to know about such abnormalities.

Diagnostic test

This is a type of test whether one can confirm whether a baby is affected due to chromosomal abnormalities or not. Diagnostic tests do have a risk involved with pregnancy loss.

Screening test

This is a test wherein the signs are checked made by a baby that indicates about the increased risk caused due to a chromosomal abnormality. Screening tests don’t define the type of abnormality the infant has. Such a type of test might risk the mother as well as the infant.


Usually, this happens since birth and, hence, it is considered as a condition that doesn’t have any treatment. Though there is no such treatment, one can simply choose to include the below-mentioned tips to improve the condition.

Cardiovascular medicaments

There are certain cardiologists who prescribe medicaments that help you prevent dilation of the infants' aorta and the blood vessels.

Occupational therapy

There are cases wherein the infant becomes unable to perform even small daily routine works. Hence, you need to seek help from an expert to let your kid learn to eat, getting dressed up, performing school activities, and other normal activities.

Genetic counseling

If during tests it is diagnosed that your child has a chromosomal abnormality, you need to seek help from a genetic counselor and they help you learn the features of conditions.

The features that occur are short-term as well as long-term and this proves to be helpful to seek the right treatment.

Chromosomal abnormalities are common in children and they might have birth defects or have an increased risk of future medical issues. Hence, during the pregnancy, women need to learn that they do seek the right medical treatment to get the right guidance to try the best cure for it.

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