Which unhealthy habits cause miscarriage in women?

There are few things that help your health get better and certain that make you feel unhealthy. Well, during pregnancy, women usually are recommended to have good healthy food. But what to do when cravings occur? Well, this is something that should never be ignored as women need to take the most care while they end up getting pregnant. Some women are not ready to embrace motherhood and hence, they choose to order online Cytotec tablets and this helps to bring an end to the pregnancy. 

Continuing with the pregnancy is not easy as there are certain things that should be taken care of. Accidentally women do take up unhealthy habits and this causes a risk to their life as well as their infant. 

Well below mentioned are few unhealthy habits that are to be strictly discarded from your routine.


Though this is basic, it's necessary. While you’re pregnant, smoking causes serious harm to the health of the infant. Cigarettes contain nicotine and are packed with carbon monoxide which is likely to affect the circulation of oxygen in your body and even your blood flow.

During pregnancy, the body requires an adequate amount of blood flow and when the blood flow is restricted the harm is caused to the infant. The reason behind having smoother blood flow is the proper supply of oxygen and this is possible only if you quit smoking.

Unhealthy craving

Craving during pregnancy cannot be avoided. Well, cravings allow you to enjoy the food that you ever liked and also feel nauseous after smelling your favorite food. Being moody and choosy is common but do not intake anything that affects your health.

During pregnancy, you might crave for junk food, but do look into that you do have some healthy replacements.

Don’t run from doctors

Going to clinics or physicians is not a favorite part of any person. Still, never delay or make fun of visiting your health care assister. During this period having a regular check monitoring of your pregnancy is mandatory and this helps you know the right changes you need to make to your diet or your routine. Even if you feel everything is alright with your health, simply choose to make a trip to the clinic and get the routine tests done.

Don’t take unprescribed things

Well, a number of women do have a habit of consuming liquor or are additive to recreational drugs bit during this period, such things cause fetal alcohol syndrome, and this results in stillbirth and miscarriage. Hence, while you’re pregnant ensure that you do not consume anything that is not prescribed to you. Even using some of the remedies that you require for your ailment should be once checked under the guidance of the health care provider.

Let your body get enough sleep

Your body during pregnancy requires ample rest and this is possible only when you take out some time and rest. Resting helps you feel good as well provides your body enough energy that helps to continue coping with the routine. 

Well, there are so many things to take care of, assure that you do not adapt to any habit that causes complications in your pregnancy.

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