Week by week miscarriage, reasons in women

Every woman now and then is recommended to follow few measures that help them continue with a smooth pregnancy. To have a smooth pregnancy, women need to look into that they do take some measures and this helps them a lot. Sometimes women do not tend to continue with the pregnancy and during such a period use of online Mifeprex and Cytotec tablets help women a lot. While there are some women who also plan to continue with the unplanned pregnancy. 

Well, at times when the pregnancy is not planned, the risk too is double.

There are a few cases wherein women might end up having a miscarriage, but you need to know what causes it. Till certain weeks, having a miscarriage is common, but during the altering stage, women end up giving delivering a premature baby or put her life in danger.

Miscarriage is a term used only if you lose your pregnancy before 20 weeks. You can say it is considered as the first trimester period when the chances of miscarriage are more.


Well, there are ample of reasons behind having a miscarriage, and one needs to look after the most relevant cause that helps them seek treatment at the right time. There is mostly an increased risk if having a miscarriage in women who have had a recurrent miscarriage in the past. There are several factors that you can count on and includes,


Uterus or cervix infection is dangerous and does have an effect on the developing baby and results in miscarriage. There are some infection that passes to the baby or placenta and affects the growth of the baby. 

Some of the infections that occur include,
  1. Cytomegalovirus
  2. Herpes simplex
  3. Parvovirus B19
  4. Listeria

Clotting disorder

Clotting disorder is a condition wherein your body begins to form blood clots than normal. Even while you’re pregnant blood clots are formed in the placenta and due to this enough of nutrition and oxygen don’t pass to the infant. 

Risks as per weeks

Week 0-6

During this period, women do have more risk of having a miscarriage and during the first two weeks, even without realizing you’re pregnant, you might end up having a miscarriage. 

During this period age plays an important role and women above 35 years of age are at more risk of having a miscarriage.

Weeks 6-12

Once you confirm the pregnancy along with a heartbeat, the chances of having miscarriage reduced by 10%. As the pregnancy develops the risk of having a miscarriage begins to decline and helps women have a healthy infant. During this period, there are chances of miscarriage, but the reasons are health issues.

Weeks 13-20

By the 12th week, the risk of miscarriage drops to 5%, but still, there are chances that cause complications in your pregnancy.

Well, though further the chances of miscarriage reduce, it doesn’t mean you do engage in heavy activities or some other works that make it difficult for you to carry the pregnancy. Hence, at every stage women are recommended to stay alert and safe and engage safely in the pregnancy process. 

A lot of time, women do not tend to continue with the pregnancy, and hence, they end up purchasing online abortion pills and this helps women get rid of the situation they do not want to go through.

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