Is it still possible to have periods when you’ve pregnant?

Well, if you have a pregnancy, then having periods is not possible. To make it short, no periods occur when you’ve pregnancy. Several women who end up having pregnancy have thousands of questions and one of them is, is there any possibility of having periods?

Periods and symptoms of pregnancy are two different things and one needs to know the close difference. The bleeding that occurs during the periods is different and the one that occurs during the pregnancy is different and hence, one needs to be aware of this.

During pregnancy, the bleeding that seems similar to periods is spotting and this is either pink or dark brown color. One of the ways to know whether you’re pregnant or have periods is by monitoring your tampon or sanitary pad. If the sanitary pad or tampons do not fill, it is considered as pregnancy.

Pregnancy V/S Periods

Periods occur every month as an indication that the fertilized eggs are released. Every month, eggs are released from the ovaries and when the eggs are fertilized, they travel through the uterus and shed through the vagina.

During menstrual periods, the bleeding initially starts lower and slowly gets heavier. Even the change in color can be seen. There should be a clear-cut conclusion that the menstrual periods and pregnancy bleeding are different. If you’re pregnant, having periods is not possible, but it’s not always so obvious.

Some people claim they’ve got periods while they were pregnant, but the bleeding should always be noted, as it can be a warning sign. Though this is nothing bad but is just something related to your menstruation that should be taken care of. If you still have any complications understanding, simply reach out to your OB-GYN.

Causes of bleeding during the first trimester

Usually, women are recommended to decide whether they wish to continue with the pregnancy or not. A huge number of women simply buy Cytotec Abortion Pills and get rid of gestation without giving a second thought. Well, there are hardly a few women who experience spotting during the first trimester. Some of the reasons include:

  • Infection
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Implantation bleeding
  • Molar pregnancy
  • Changes in the cervix
  • An early sign of miscarriage

The causes behind experiencing bleeding during the second and third trimester

Well, if you think spotting or bleeding does occur, only during the first trimester then it is necessary for you to know it happens even in the second and third trimester. Having issues during this period doesn’t mean one needs to order Abortion Pills and get rid of them. If women do end up having bleeding after the first trimester then it requires medical attention. Whether the bleeding experienced during this period is light or heavy or with or without symptoms, do visit a health care provider.

Some of the common causes that result in bleeding include
  • Placenta Previa
  • Vasa Previa
  • Uterine rupture
  • Miscarriage
  • Term or preterm labor

As stated above, women who end up having pregnancy are not likely to have periods, and hence, women need to be careful when they end experience bleeding. Bleeding when you’ve pregnant is not a period and can be a matter of concern.

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