How To Use An MTP Kit To Terminate Pregnancy?

Women with unplanned gestation or unwanted gestation need to look into whether they do choose the right pregnancy termination methods that help to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. Women with an unplanned pregnancy or unexpected pregnancy need to look into that they’re aware of the gestation period and then have a smoother abortion.

Gestation period

Women with unplanned pregnancy need to look into that they’re aware gestation period as it is a crucial term. The gestation period is the age of the pregnancy, and this helps women to know which method of abortion is to be chosen. The age of gestation is not more than 9 weeks, then you can choose a medical abortion procedure. If the gestation period is more than 9 weeks, then you’re guided to undergo a surgical abortion process.

Using MTP Kit

Women having an abortion need to start the process with Mifepristone from the online MTP Kit, and this pregnancy termination pill works in favor of the women.

The use of this Mifepristone pregnancy ending pills blocks the progesterone hormones and this makes it easy for women to get rid of retained parts from the uterus. 

After the administration of Mifepristone 200mg, wait for 24 hours and then use the Misoprostol pill and this medical Abortion Pill helps to dilate the cervix and contracts the uterus to excrete the pregnancy parts from the uterus. 

After using the MTP Kit what symptoms and side effects are experienced by women?

Women guided to use these medical Abortion Pills online are likely to have symptoms such as cramping, bleeding, and clotting. These symptoms are the ones that indicate about the pregnancy termination process. The side effects that occur include nausea, fatigue, fever, diarrhea, and fever. The side effects that occur require medical help to get the side effects treated well under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

Avoid the use of

Women recommended to use MTP Kit online need to be careful with the use, and below mentioned women are restricted to use.

  • Women allergic to the elements present in early Abortion Pills should be voided.
  • Ensure that you do not have any medical condition Related to uterine rupture, intestinal infection, heart, diabetes, or blood pressure.
  • Avoid the use of an MTP Kit if you have an ectopic type of pregnancy. 
  • Check if you’re underage and if you’re pregnant, then simply seek the consent of your parents to use the MTP Kit for pregnancy termination.
  • If you’re on blood-thinning medicine do avoid the use of the MTP Kit pill to end early pregnancy. 
  • Do not online order MTP Kit if you’re more than 35 years old unless recommended by your health care provider. 


Women asked to use the MTP Kit need to look into that they’re aware of the following measures and include.

  • Avoid the use of tampons and include the use of sanitary pads!
  • Ensure that indulging in physical relationships is avoided and physical labor too is avoided.
  • Do not get into boozing or smoking as this is likely to cause some or other withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Avoid using this early termination pill with magnesium or grapefruit juice as this is likely to interact and cause side effects.

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