How should one respond to a weaker cervix?

When we talk about pregnancy, there are ample things that do matter and one needs to take care of those things. While choosing to continue with the pregnancy, women need to know each and everything that can affect their pregnancy. There are millions of reasons due to which women do land in coincidence such as unplanned pregnancy. This is something that one should take care of and arrive at the right decision to get everything on track. Women with such a situation do prefer to use online MTP kit tablets and get rid of the pregnancy

Well, women mostly are worried when it comes to the use of abortion pills as they think, this can have a negative impact on their cervix and the uterus. This is something to worry about if you get pregnant again and again. There are few women who end up having such conditions and land in a problem such as incompetent cervix which is a weak cervix. While a woman is pregnant, the cervix is closed and this only gets thin and opens before childbirth. When the cervix easily opens up during the early period it is known as Incompetent cervix and this is known as cervical insufficiency. 

The cervix is a lower end of the uterus and this is usually a part of the uterus that opens directly in your vagina. The cervix is usually firm and closed during the pregnancy. Also, when you’re about to deliver, the cervix softens and dilates and this helps you give birth. But if the cervix opens up too early then it is considered an incompetent cervix.

The cause behind having a weaker cervix or incompetent cervix

  1. Short cervix
  2. Abnormally formed uterus or cervix
  3. Damaged uterus due to miscarriage or childbirth
  4. Previous cervix surgery
  5. Various diethylstilbestrol or synthetic hormones are given to women in the past to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Symptoms that indicate incompetent cervix

Incompetent cervix usually doesn’t show any changes or symptoms that help you know about it, doctors usually diagnose it during the pregnancy. 

Transvaginal ultrasound tests are performed usually if you end up having a miscarriage more than 1 time to know the condition of the cervix.

Managing or treating

Managing or treating an incompetent cervix is mandatory. This seems to be easy, but women need to simply take ample rest and this works for women to recover smoothly. 

Is it possible to prevent an incompetent cervix?

Well, there are no such diagnoses or treatments that can be performed or that helps one know about such situations in advance. 

If it’s left untreated, women are likely to have few withdrawal effects and at times, carrying the pregnancy becomes a bit difficult. When you wish to treat such type of cervix, usually, the doctors sew a stitch around and this procedure is known as cerclage. To make the cervix stronger, your health care provider stitches your cervix and this helps you carry the pregnancy for a long period.

Usually, this procedure is performed at 12-12 weeks of pregnancy and the stitches are removed during the 37 weeks. This process is not safe if you have twins or multiples.

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