How do mental issues hit women post or during an abortion?

A woman when undergoes an abortion, there are millions of thoughts that acquire her mind. People do judge her, comment about her decision, but does anyone have an idea how painful, mentally as well as physically is it for her?

No person can feel the pain that women go through during an abortion. Simply purchasing Abortion Pills is not a thing, preparing yourself and taking care of yourself throughout is something to worry about.

The process works like

Blend of tablets (Mifepristone and Cytotec)

Starting the process with 1 tablet of Mifepristone, a gap of 24 hours is maintained to let the primary medicament work.
Post the wait, Misoprostol or Cytotec tablets are used to end the gestation in a smoother manner.

Using only Mifepristone

  1. Some women do get diagnosed with pregnancy too early and they only have a gestation of within 9 weeks. Such women can choose to use only 3 tablets of Mifepristone and use them to rupture their pregnancy.
  2. Well, the process seems easy, but the cramps, bleeding and everything, simply make women tired.

Apart from physical weakness, a woman also has to tolerate mental and emotional wellbeing. There are certain things that help women leave the phase and start life again.

Few things that can help include

Helping partner

Well, abortion is a decision of women, but a partner is someone who can help her come up from the situation. A partner who can help you heal and recover without much complication. 

  1. A partner can be cool, understanding, and should be able to know the reason behind grief and guilt a woman has post-abortion.
  2. He can help her woman get the basic chores done as this helps her rest
  3. Be alert when a woman speaks about suicide as this is an indication that she is too depressed
  4. Motivate her and help her do the things that make her happy.

Do not get into negative thought

Post-abortion having a feeling that you did wrong or feeling guilt is common. There are certain reasons due to which women choose abortion and undergo the process post-purchase online Mifepristone and Cytotec. You need to cut down the negativity by talking to the people who help you forget those things. You can join a community wherein people share their thoughts and this might help you.

Seeking family support

During abortion one of the backbones that can assist you throughout is your family. Let your family know about the feeling you have and surrounding yourself with family post-abortion is something that helps you recover mentally. Women do not have to worry much, if they don’t feel like discussing with the family or anyone, simply choosing to let the close one know is the best option. 

Well, mental issues occur post-abortion, but taking care is something that helps you stay strong mentally.

Also, do not forget that along with mental health, physical recovery too is important and this should be taken care of properly.

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