Is it possible for pregnant women to have heart problems?

There are several ups and downs and roller coaster rides that come into your life. A bunch of women does feel to end it during the initial stage by purchasing online Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets and they do it too as this helps them start their life new way. Well, some continue the pregnancy and enjoy their pregnancy period. Both the decisions are right depending upon what situation you are in.

Well, while a woman does end the pregnancy, there are limited complications, but when women do continue with the gestation, women do have various complications that one needs to deal with. 

Out of so many complications, women are likely to have heart attacks too post-pregnancy or during pregnancy. Even at times during pregnancy, women do end up having heart attacks.

The reason

Well, a heart attack is common in women, but, women do end up having this issue due to conceiving later. Today, women do prefer to conceive at a later age and they are likely to have a more negative effect.

A woman age between 35-39 is likely to heart attack more as compared to the one who conceives during the ’20s.  Also, if women conceive during 40’ the complications are high as well chance of a heart attack too increases. 

Well, while that’s not enough, obesity and diabetes are also the reasons that contribute and make the pregnancy a bit more complicated. It’s also said that most of the problem that occurs is due to lifestyle factors. Heart disorder can be well managed with the help of lifestyle changes.

During pregnancy or birth, the risk of heart disorder increases, and due to increases, the risk of women to end up landing in a problem such as heart attack.

Does it occur in healthy women?

To be frank, this condition is common, but when it comes to women, the women who have complications are likely to have more heart attack death as compared to other conditions. Besides, heart attack in a healthy woman too is possible and proves to be dangerous in several cases.

Though heart attacks are common in women, the death rate has remained the same even though advanced medicaments such as blood-thinning medications and other treatments are used. 

While a woman gets pregnant, the maternal blood volume, heart rate, and cardiac output does increase. The arteries begin to dilate and the growing fetus begins to accommodate the space due to demanding the growth of the pregnancy. Underlying risk factors affect your arteries and this makes it difficult for you to deal with the pregnancy.

Even healthy women during pregnancy are likely to experience this issue and this cannot be well managed unless you have a strict observation under the supervision of a health care provider. At times, even healthy women might have to face the consequences of heart disorders. 

Well, depending upon your medical history, saying whether you’re likely to get affected by heart disorder or not is possible. Hence, even if you are not diagnosed with any disorder, you need to follow few basic steps that help you get rid of heart disorder.

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