How to plan fruit consumption when you end up having gestational diabetes?

There are different stages that come into your life and dealing with them becomes necessary. Women do land in a problem such as unplanned gestation and it becomes necessary that one does choose the right decision at the right time. Women when land in a problem such as unplanned gestation, need to order online Abortion Pills to get rid of it. There are times when women need to terminate the pregnancy because of health reasons.

Well, when there are so many disturbances, women also need to have some of the issues that can be managed well with the help of medicaments. 

Women during pregnancy do have various issues such as gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes and this is something that requires close monitoring. Well, when you’re pregnant, you require a lot to think about especially when you land in issues such as gestational diabetes. 

To replenish the requirement, you need to consume certain fruits and while you’ve gestational diabetes, indulging in food that increases the blood glucose is not right.

Hence, you can consider few fruits mentioned below. 

Every fruit that you consume has phytochemicals, vitamins, and some other good things. There is some food that lowers the chances of chronic disorder and hence, one needs to take care of consumption. Some of the fruits that can be consumed by women include,


One chopped or a sliced cup of tomatoes help you get enough of calories, carbohydrates, and fiber and this is something that your body requires during pregnancy. Hence, try that you include in your diet and get your gestational diabetes too managed.


When a cup of raw berries is consumed you intake 62 calories, 7.6 gms of fiber and 14 grams of carbohydrates and this is something that can manage diabetes during the pregnancy as well help you replenish the intake of the nutrients.


Well, oranges seem to be sweet, but they’re not high in sugar content. The oranges help you get enough calories that are 69, 3 grams of fiber, and 17 grams of carbohydrates. 


Strawberries seem to be more on the sour side and hence consuming this fruit helps you get 11 gms of carbohydrates, 46 calories, and 3gms of fiber.

Healthy ways to eat fruit

Few small steps can help to keep your blood sugar levels in control. You can follow few instructions such as,

  • Choose to consume frozen fruits or mostly fresh fruits. Canned fruits or syrups or juices are likely to increase the sugar content in your body. 
  • Spread the whole day fruit intake in your whole day schedule. If you’re supposed to take two servings, consume 1 in the breakfast and another during snacks or dinner. 
  • Watch the portions you consume, especially when you intake dried fruits. The dried raisins have the same amount of carbs as that of a small apple. 
  • Ensure that fruit juices are avoided as much as possible. Fruit juice is something that contributes to an increase in sugar levels in your body.

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