How long does it take to see the recovery changes after an abortion?

Medical abortion is complicated if you fail to understand it. Women having an abortion are guided to look after the measures that help to recover from an abortion. Several women end up having an abortion and this is due to various reasons that don’t allow women to continue with the pregnancy. Once you buy Abortion pills and have an abortion several changes can be experienced and they’re to be carefully taken care of.  Women simply need to choose the right method that helps them recover and doesn’t cause any negative effect.

The process to have an abortion

Women guided to have an abortion need to look into that they do use Mifeprex and Misoprostol as suggested to them. 

If you’re not aware of the regimen, then follow the mentioned one:

Start with administrating 1 tablet of Mifeprex 200mg and this initial administration helps to separate the fetal particles from the uterus. Also, keep in mind, if your gestation period is within 7 weeks, then you’re guided to use only 3 tablets, excluding the next step. 

Once you’re done with administrating one tablet of online Mifeprex, wait for 24 hours and then use a secondary abortion pill i.e. Cytotec. This abortion pill works to dilate the cervix and then contracts the uterus, this makes banishing the pregnancy parts from the body easy.

Note: If you’re recommended with only a Mifeprex tablet, then use 3 tablets as mentioned. One needs to use a single tablet, wait for 3 hours, and repeat the process more than two times. 

The bleeding after having an abortion

Usually, women who end up having an abortion are likely to have few symptoms that indicate an abortion.


One such symptom that can be experienced is bleeding and it is a common symptom when you have an abortion. In terms of bleeding, while having an abortion, women are likely to have this symptom and it indicates that the termination tablet has worked effectively. Hence, after the administration, the bleeding is quite too much. Unless the pregnancy parts are flushed out completely, the bleeding remains too much as compared to the bleeding that occurs during periods. Once the retained parts are flushed out from the body, the bleeding reduces and gets lighter.

The bleeding can be well managed with the help of sanitary pads as this helps women to manage the bleeding

The pain while having an abortion

Women while having an abortion are likely to have pain. While the pregnancy parts are leaving the body, the cramps get stronger and women might require some medical assistance that helps to reduce the pain. Usually, the pain does continue for 7 days and after that, too women are likely to have pain, but this can be managed only with medicaments.

Symptoms that help to know about the recovery

  1. After having an ultrasound or concluding the results of abortion, you’re likely to recover.
  2. The symptoms that the bleeding and cramping are reducing indicate that you’re recovering.
  3. Consulting a health care provider is the best option that helps you know you're recovering.

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