Is there any connection between breast cancer and abortion?

Having an abortion today has become a trend. How is it possible that every woman who has an abortion is unaware of the protected sexual intimacy? Sexual intimacy is something that should be performed only when you have a good idea about contraceptives. If you have limited or half-knowledge of the contraceptive then there is a possibility that you might end up having an unplanned pregnancy. Women having an unintended gestation need to know such type of pregnancy require to be ended.

When you have limited information regarding contraceptives, then you need to learn about medical abortion before you order online Abortion Pills. 

There are millions of women who hear that breast cancer risk is increased after having an abortion. This is simply a myth as there is no proof that breast cancer and abortion are linked. While a small batch of studies proves there is a connection. Still, there is concern amongst the women wherein they try to know whether abortion and breast cancer are linked. Well, both breast cancer and abortion have a link with hormone levels.

Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone can cause abnormal growth of cells in the breast that lead to breast cancer.

There are two types of abortion and include,
  • Induced abortion and is a process conducted to end the pregnancy.
  • Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage wherein the pregnancy eliminates itself after five months of pregnancy.

Though the first type of abortion is performed by women to end and the second is unintentional abortion. The researchers have studied both cases and there has no link has been found in both cases. 

What potential side effects and complications can occur due to abortion?

After you order Cytotec tablets, there are some risks involved. Some cramps and bleeding afterward are common and some of the things that should be taken care of include,

Signs that indicate serious side effects include, 
  1. Smelly discharge from the vagina
  2. High fever
  3. Excessive bleeding
  4. Severe pain
Complications that occur from abortion include
  1. Excess bleeding
  2. Infection in the uterus
  3. An incomplete abortion requires another process to end a pregnancy
  4. Damage to the cervix or uterus
  5. Premature birth during future pregnancies

Which potential causes do promote breast cancer in the body?

Women who have higher levels of estrogen are likely to have breast cancer risk. Some of the risks that occur include,

Early periods or late menopause

Women who have periods early in life or those who have menopause later in life have a high level of estrogen in the body and this is an indication of breast cancer. 


Usually, breast cancer is diagnosed after 50


Women who are inactive or are overweight are also likely to have breast cancer.

Birth control pills and hormone therapy

Birth control tablets and hormonal tablets do have estrogen and this encourages breast cancer growth in the body. Hence, whenever you’re recommended to use birth control pills, choose to discuss all the drawbacks and this helps you know whether to use the medicaments or not.

Late pregnancy

Women who end up having pregnancy after 30 or have no children are at risk of having breast cancer. Women having these issues need to ensure that they do choose the right help during the right time.

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