How to care for yourself post-abortion?

There are various reports that say, there are 25% of women have an abortion only because they have a kid or infant prior. Well, having an abortion is easy, but caring during and post-abortion is something that makes it really difficult for women to deal with the process. The whole process is easy, but one needs to know how important taking care post-abortion is. 

Women need to not only buy Abortion Pills online, but also know the few tips that help to recover post-abortion. 

Abortion process

Women having an abortion need to use the MTP kit need to follow the right administration and helps women get rid of gestation. The process of abortion begins with Mifepristone 200mg and this tablet blocks the growth of the pregnancy part. Once the pregnancy parts are blocked, another tablet is used post, 24 hours to end the gestation. The use of Misoprostol from the MTP kit helps to flush the fetal particles due to contracting the uterus. 

Well, the abortion process seems easy, but what makes it difficult is post-abortion care. Some of the tips that can be taken care of includes, 

  1. Since bleeding and clots do pass a lot during an abortion and you’re likely to lose water. To keep yourself hydrated, ensure that you do drink plenty of water or fluids as this helps to stay hydrated and helps you replenish the requirement. 
  2. Applying a heating pad or massaging the abdomen when you end up having pain helps you feel relieved. Also, if you don’t feel enough, use the painkiller after consulting a health care provider. 
  3. Seek proper guidance from a health care provider as you’re likely to feel tired and hence, your health care provider can suggest you the right method.
  4. Do not get into any activity that causes pressure on the abdomen and results in bleeding. 
  5. When the uterus begins to contract, the bleeding needs to be soaked and nothing is better than tampons. When you undergo a medical abortion, women are never guided to use tampons as this is likely to cause infection and hence, the use of sanitary pads is prescribed. 
  6. Include a light and digestible diet that digests easily and doesn’t cause diarrhea. 
  7. Indulging in penetrative sexual activity soon after abortion or immediately after the use of Misoprostol tablets increases the chances of infection or can result in pregnancy again. 

Recovery time

After you use Abortion Pills, it takes time so that women can recover from the trauma. You need to recovery and this takes time, but you need to ensure you are performing some of the activities that help you recover. The cramps and bleeding accompany you for 14 days and once the conception parts are flushed out, you’re ready to recover. Do engage in any activity that causes pressure on your stomach. 


When you order MTP kit and have an abortion, after 14 days of the administration, you need to make a follow-up. Follow-ups usually sound to be fed up, but these are the ones that help you know whether the fetal particles have flushed out from the body or not.

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