Food that is rich in folate or folic acid

There are a lot of women who end up having an abortion just because they’re likely to have some issue with childbirth or the disability is likely to happen to the kid. Well, getting rid of such pregnancy with an online Abortion Pill is not possible as this can be diagnosed at a later stage. Later doesn’t mean it's too late, you can consult your health care provider and take necessary measures to get rid of such issues

Usually, when it comes to child disabilities, there is a number of things that affect the child’s growth and other factors.

Folic acid consumption during pregnancy is something that shouldn’t be avoided and this works amazing for women and their kids too.

Below mentioned consumption of folic acid food works amazingly for women and helps to avoid such circumstances.


Asparagus contains a concentrated number of vitamins and minerals and folate too is to be included. Asparagus is a rich remedy containing antioxidants and this has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

This is an excellent source of heart-healthy fiber and even consuming one serving of asparagus can be beneficial for you.


Legumes are either fruits or seeds of plants and usually include lentils, beans, and peas. The amount of folate does vary from one legume to another and this is the best source that works in favor of women. Women can include one cup of legumes in their diet daily and this helps to intake a good amount of folate in the body. While you consume legumes, you don’t only intake folate, you also are likely to have a good source of proteins, fiber, iron, and magnesium.

Citrus fruit

The amount of citrus amount should be taken care of if you’ve conceived. Besides having their own taste, they’re full of folate that helps women avoid certain conditions. Citrus food contains Vitamin C and this is a good way to boost your immunity and prevent other disorders. Instead, the consumption of citrus acid helps to reduce the risk of breast, pancreatic acid, and stomach.


No person likes to intake this bland food, but this is full of essential vitamins and minerals. When it comes to folate, raw broccoli is the best option that helps women avoid uncertain situations.

This food has a variety of benefits and works powerful and has anti-cancer properties.

Broccoli becomes more beneficial when it is cooked and hence consuming a single bowl in your diet proves to be beneficial for your health.

Nuts and seeds

Well, be it pregnancy, abortion, or your normal routine, consuming nuts and seeds prove to be beneficial for you. Consuming nuts and seeds help your heart be in a healthy condition and lots of minerals and vitamins are provided that your body requires. The amount of folate should also be monitored as everything in excess can be dangerous for you.

Hence, whenever you decide to intake anything after you conceive ensure that you do once consult your health care provider.

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