Does the dose of Vitamin C work in favor of women for an abortion?

Having a pregnancy at a young age today is common, but women do mess up a lot when they come to know the pregnancy, they have is unplanned. Unplanned pregnancies can be terminated well with the help of online abortion pills and this helps women get rid of unpleasant situations. Women usually are aware of abortion pills, but they do prefer choosing some natural remedies that can help them. If you’re someone who has searched for natural remedies then you’re likely to come across a Vitamin C remedy to terminate the pregnancy.

Though this sounds easy solution, there is no evidence that it actually causes an abortion. Even if you consume Vitamin C look into that you do know the limit of the consumption.

It's risky

Yes, the consumption of Vitamin C is usually recommended to terminate the pregnancy, but this can affect your health negatively. Sometimes the consumption of Vitamin C can also cause stomachache or diarrhea. Several debates can be heard about the consumption of Vitamin C but it is concluded that it increases the risk of kidney stone as well one shouldn’t exceed 2000mg each day.

Early abortion options such as the use of online Mifeprex and Cytotec help women and are effective. Using Vitamin C remedy or any other remedy for a longer period can affect your health as well they might prove to be ineffective.

It's not reliable

There is no evidence that proves the effect of Vitamin C on implantation, pregnancy, or menstruation. The claims that Vitamin C works effectively to end gestation was originated from a Russian journal article published in 1960. 

Further that several studies failed to state the same and hence, the Vitamin C effect on the pregnancy is not proved.

Side effects of using Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a soluble vitamin, and it gets flushed away from the kidney into the urine. Though it is stated that 6-10mg doses for 5-10 days can help women terminate the pregnancy, but the increase in the doses can cause few withdrawal effects.

Some of the withdrawal effects that can be experienced includes
  1. Insomnia
  2. Hot flashes
  3. Skin rashes
  4. Headaches
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Kidney stone
Also, some women are recommended to stay away from the use of Vitamin C and includes
  1. Sickle cell anemia
  2. Kidney disorder or other kidney disorder
  3. Women using anticoagulants to prevent blood clotting.

Well, some women find this method reliable and some do not get the desired results. Women having an abortion can stick to the methods such as surgical abortion or medical abortion and this helps women to terminate the pregnancy in a smoother manner. Women need to be careful with the consumption of Vitamin C and this helps the patient to get rid of the pregnancy.

Well, be it any remedy, while you stick to natural remedies, you need to look into the risks that they might cause. Sometimes, the remedy might end up being good but the doses might mess your abortion. Hence, before sticking to any remedy, at least once know everything about it.

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