How can smoking be avoided during or before pregnancy?

Several changes can be experienced by women during pregnancy and one must follow all the instructions provided by the health care provider. Today, stress has become a part of life, and even during pregnancy it continues. Some women due to having unwished gestation do choose online Abortion Pills whereas some are happy with the pregnancy and continue stressing. Only having stress leads to several other habits such as boozing and smoking.

There are various cases wherein it was seen, women do have a habit of smoking and boozing. The consumption of liquor and smoking should be managed to avoid any complications during the pregnancy. During pregnancy one of the concerns is low birth weight and this can occur in any woman who is pregnant. Women who quit smoking during the first trimester reduces the risk of low birth weight and the whole thing changes. Hence, women are not only recommended to do restrict taking puffs from the cigarette, instead of avoiding smoking.

Every person needs to know that smoking does affect even on the born baby and passive smoking too should be avoided. Be it passive smoking or smoking, if this is done around the baby, then the increase in the risk of having breathing issues might occur. There are certain programs for which women can opt and this helps women to quit smoking. You can even consult your health care provider to seek help for the same.

What effects does smoking cause on the baby?

Smoking can increase the chance of having below mentioned disorder:
  1. Miscarriage and stillbirth
  2. Placenta abruption and placenta previa
  3. Low birth weight baby
  4. Birth defects
  5. Preterm labor

It is also said that women who smoke are likely to have a baby who easily gets prone to illness and breathing problems.

What should a woman do to quit smoking?

Get started

Even before you quit, having thought of quitting smoke is the first step. 

  1. Women who are not pregnant, choose the date and start cutting down and then completely avoid smoking. Women who are pregnant right away quit smoking and if this is not possible, then start cutting down on smoking. If you still can’t make it, seek a consultation from a health care provider.
  2. If you and your partner both are smokers then discuss about quitting together. If your partner is not ready to quit, then simply choose to tell your partner to avoid smoking around you. Also, do not go to the places where people smoke.
  3. Before you quit, ensure that you do get rid of lighter, cigarette, and ashtrays. Clean your clothes and get rid of the smell of smoke from your home.

Plan to quit smoking

This is the toughest task that one can come across. 

  1. Know when you become restless and have an urge to smoke. Plan something that helps you avoid smoking.
  2. Find different ways that help you cope up with the situation
  3. Cut down stress as this leads to smoking
  4. Change a routine and plan something interesting such as going for a walk or some activity that keeps cigarettes away from you.
  5. You can also seek a replacement for nicotine by consulting your health care provider.

Saying to quit smoking is easy, but several people face difficulties. Yes, women might find it difficult, but it is not impossible.

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