How to know you had a successful abortion?

Unwished gestation is something that doesn’t allow women to live life as they wish. Women need to learn everything about medical abortion before they even start with the process. When it’s about medical abortion, women do not have to worry much as they only need to follow the instructions and get the pregnancy terminated. Women can order online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy of up to 9 weeks terminated.

Using the tablets

One of the known remedies that can be used is the MTP kit. MTP kit is a complete kit and works against the pregnancy to terminate it. Women need to learn that the right measures and instructions can help women to terminate effectively.

Simple steps are to be followed to get the pregnancy terminated:

Start with Mifepristone 200mg

Once you open a kit, you come across the Mifepristone tablet. Only a single tablet of this remedy is enough while you use it with the other tablet present in this pack. Mifepristone is also known as an anti-progesterone tablet and works to break the lining of the uterus. Once the embryo particles get separated from the uterus, the work of the primary tablet gets over. 

After the administration of the primary tablet, one needs to wait for 24 hours and then follow the next step.

Administrate Misoprostol 200mcg, 4 tablets

The use of Misoprostol from the MTP kit helps to contract the uterus and flush the pregnancy parts from the body. Women can use these secondary tablets either vaginally or buccally to expel the pregnancy parts from the body. This tablet helps to expel the embryo particles smoothly.

Knowing about the withdrawal effects

Women guided to have an abortion with an MTP kit need to be aware of the withdrawal effects that might occur:


  1. Bleeding
  2. Clotting
  3. Cramping
  4. Side effects
  5. Nausea
  6. Fatigue
  7. Fever
  8. Vomiting
  9. Diarrhea

The symptoms do occur in every woman, but there are few who might have side effects. Women with side effects need to ensure that they do seek medical help if the withdrawal side effects or symptoms appear severe.

Knowing about successful abortion

Women who use the MTP kit need to know that successful results are indicated with the help of symptoms such as bleeding. If you want to conclude the abortion results, then one needs to undergo an ultrasound test. The ultrasound test helps one to know whether the retained parts have flushed out from the body or not. 

An ultrasound test is the best way to conclude the results of abortion.

Knowing the measures

  • Women recommended to buy online MTP kit need to avoid the use of other termination tablets. 
  • Avoid the use of tampons during a medical abortion, instead use sanitary pads.
  • Ensure that you do avoid performing any activities that can cause physical stress or affect your recovery should be avoided. 
  • Ensure that the sexual activities are avoided strictly to avoid the recovery process. 
  • Look into that you do consume a healthy diet and this can help you recover.

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