What should you know about medical abortion with Cytotec?

Medical abortion is an inexpensive method that can be chosen by women to end the undesired pregnancy. Women with unwished or unplanned pregnancy need to know some certain measures and precautions can be taken care of which helps to terminate the pregnancy without any issue. Women having an unplanned pregnancy usually are recommended to buy Abortion pills and this helps to clear the uterus.

Following the process

Women guided to use termination tables need to ensure they are aware of the process. Women with unwished gestation need to follow the below mentioned process depending upon the tablets they’re prescribed with. 

Using Mifepristone and Cytotec

These tablets are to be used as mentioned to you. Women with undesired gestation are guided to use Mifepristone and Cytotec together. These abortion tablets are to be used in a 1:4 ratio, wherein 1 tablet of Mifepristone is used and 4 tablets of Cytotec are to be used. Both the tablets are administrated one after the other and below mentioned process should be followed.

  • On day 1, start with Mifepristone 200mg along with a glass of water. 
  • After the primary administration, wait for 24 hours and then use 4 tablets of Cytotec to flush the pregnancy parts from the body.

At times, women are only guided to use Cytotec tablets, when such is a case use 12 tablets at a time. 

When you’re prescribed to use 12 tablets follow the mentioned tips:

Start with 4 tablets and let them dissolve in the mouth or vagina and wait for 3 hours and repeat the process. This whole process works in favor of women and helps to flush the pregnancy parts in a smooth manner. 


Women when are recommended to order Cytotec tablets online, they’re not aware of how to know whether the pregnancy parts have flushed out completely or not. Women need to wait for 14-20 days after having an abortion to conclude the results of the abortion. Women need to undergo an ultrasound test and this helps to know whether the retained parts have flushed completely or not. 

Withdrawal effects

Women recommended to use Mifeprex and Cytotec needs to know some of the withdrawal effects that might occur. The side effects that occur include bleeding, clotting, and cramping and those are the symptoms of abortion. Other than this some other side effects might affect the health of women. The side effects that occur include nausea, fever, fatigue, diarrhea, and vomiting. These side effects that occur may require medical help. 


Ignoring the precautions is not a good idea and one need to follow the right measures:

  • Avoid consuming liquor or tobacco as it interacts and results in side effects. 
  • Ensure that the use of the tampons is avoided and sanitary pads are used.
  • Avoid the use of grapefruit juice and magnesium as this interacts with abortion pills and results in side effects.
  • Do look into that a healthy diet is consumed and plenty of fluids are gulped to avoid dehydration. 

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