Tips to ditch the salt for women during gestational hypertension

Gestational hypertension is something that occurs in a few women during gestation. It becomes necessary that one does take care of themselves throughout the gestation. Women sometimes have so many issues accompanied by gestational hypertension and end up choosing online Abortion Pills. Gestational hypertension can be managed with the help of remedies and some natural tips, but one of the important things that can be done is to avoid salt. 

Ditching salt during this period or even after the pregnancy is the best option.

This helps women avoid severe complications that might occur due to gestational hypertension. 

Nothing other than salt can give a taste to your food. Add as much as a spice you want, but nothing can enhance the taste of your food, other than salt. While you have gestational hypertension, it is better to ditch the salt and you can stick to some of the alternatives. Some of the flavorful alternatives that can be added include:

Ground black pepper

The culinary duo, salt, and pepper are classic and if you want to cut down the salt from your diet, simply reach pepper shaker. Black pepper is a good addition to pasta, roasts, soups, and other dishes. Black pepper is not only an alternative to salt, but also helps to reduce inflammation and the chances of cancer and heart disorder get reduced. 

Dried onion or Onion powder

Similar to garlic, onion too boosts flavor and is a savory element in any recipe. In some dishes, salt can be substituted with stir-fries, dips, salsas, and stews and this adds a bit hint of spice and sweetness.

Smoke Paprika

The spicy and smoky taste of smoked paprika is always accompanied by bright and red color. Simply, add Red Paprika to stews, nachos, and taco meats and this helps to replace the salsa, which is high in sodium and can be altered with salt. This spice has various benefits and can be consumed for the betterment of health.


A small piece of ginger can improve the taste of many dishes. You just have to use freshly chopped ginger root or dried one and this works the best as a replacement for salt. You can add ginger to stir-fries, soups, beverages, sauces, and marinades. Not only it replaces the salt, but it also has various medicinal purposes and helps to improve muscle soreness.

Lemon zest or juice

Citrus is the best option that can be used instead of salt. As a source of acid, lemon juice acts as a substitute and enhances the flavors of the dish. Adding lemon juice or even zest improves the taste, as well as flavorful cooking, can be done. 

Even drizzling some citrus acid works well, but women during gestation need to be careful with the consumption of citrus.


The fresh taste of dill can make any dish flavorful. Similar to dill, adding a dash of fennel or celery works as an alternative to salt. Dill is usually used as a substitute for salt in dishes with cucumber, potatoes, and fish. To enhance the taste, adding lemon zest along with dill is the best option.

Now that you know, there is end number of substitutes available, you can just use those alternatives and avoid the use of salt.

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