Incomplete abortion: Causes, symptoms, and cope-up

Many times, women do hear the term an incomplete abortion various times. Women do land in a problem such as incomplete abortion, various times, but seeking help during this period is necessary. At times, women do order Abortion Pills and do land in a problem such as incomplete abortion. There are a number of reasons other than using termination tablets that cause an incomplete abortion in women.

Incomplete abortion

A miscarriage is labeled as incomplete if the bleeding has started and the cervix is dilated, but the pregnancy tissues had not gotten flushed out yet. Sometimes, the body becomes unable to pass the tissues from the body and results in an incomplete abortion. Such type of miscarriage should be removed completely under the supervision of a health care provider. 

Women may not understand when to seek medical help unless they experience any symptoms. It is necessary that women are aware of the symptoms and below mentioned are common one:

  1. Vaginal bleeding
  2. The disappearance of pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness and morning sickness
  3. Backache 
  4. Abdominal pain

If you’re experiencing bleeding or abdominal pain during the pregnancy, consulting a health care provider is a must. 

Risk factors

Certain factors contribute to this disorder and it is necessary, one does know whether the medical conditions they’ve affected the pregnancy or not. Women having an incomplete abortion are likely to have below mentioned medical issues due to which situation such as incomplete abortion occurs:

  1. Hormonal irregularities
  2. Thyroid issues
  3. Kidney disorder
  4. Immune system disorder
  5. Exposure to environmental hazards such as toxin agents or radiation
  6. Abnormal uterine shapes
  7. Improper implantation of the egg in the uterus lining
  8. Lifestyle factors


The diagnoses to know incomplete abortion is various and even your gynecologist might run various test such as:

  1. Pelvic exam
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Chromosomal tests
  4. hCG blood test 
  5. Fetal heart scanning

Diagnosis carried for incomplete abortion is different as compared to the one carried out for missed abortion. In case of missed abortion, the fetal parts are no longer developing, the cervix is closed and the bleeding doesn’t occur.

D&C surgery

D&C is either chosen due to the woman’s wish or is used to stop the heavy bleeding. With D&C, gynecologists use small instruments or medicaments that help to open the cervix and your doctor can access the uterus. Once the uterus can be accessed, the physician can use a curette to scrape the sides of the uterus and remove the retained parts of conception.

Medical abortion

Women are guided to order Cytotec tablets so that it can help women to cancel the gestation. Cytotec is designed for various purposes and is used mostly to treat stomach ulcers. But, women with incomplete abortion can use this tablet to get rid of the gestation. Women are likely to have some of the symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, vomiting, and nausea after making use of Abortion Pills.


Women having an incomplete abortion may require time to recover from the abortion process.

Involve your partner

It is necessary that you must have your partner by your side. This helps women to have the support and can recover from the abortion

Get a word from an experienced person

Seeking help from health care providers is a must so that it can help women to know what measures are to be taken. 

Give yourself time

Healing takes time and it is necessary, one does take time to heal from the incomplete abortion. Though this is a major problem, you need to accept the situation and continue to heal.

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