How early can early miscarriage be experienced?

If you’re pregnant and want to terminate the pregnancy, then need to know the type of pregnancy you have. You’ll be amazed to know there are various types of pregnancy as well as miscarriage. While women know the types of pregnancy, they do not even have a rough idea regarding early miscarriage. To get this miscarriage done, you need not order online abortion pills. Instead, this happens or occurs in a natural manner without popping any tablet.

Early miscarriage

This is a type of miscarriage that occurs before the 13th week of pregnancy. Out of the pregnancy cases, 10% of women do have such type of cases. One of the shocking facts about this type of miscarriage is, some women don’t even know about the pregnancy they have. Women usually have menstrual periods and they do not even know about such types of miscarriages.

Know the identifying symptoms

One of the common symptoms that helps you know about miscarriage is cramping and bleeding.

Sometimes, women do have symptoms such as spotting and this is not always an indication of miscarriage.

Symptoms of miscarriage

  • Cramping accompanied by lower back pain or abdomen pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Passing of fluids or tissues that are larger
  • Duration

Do know the difference between the bleeding

When you have a miscarriage, bleeding is heavier and lasts for a longer period. During this period, the dilation caused to the cervix results in more painful cramps. Both these symptoms can help you know about the miscarriage. 


Once the fertilization happens in the body, women can get pregnant. Many times, women do not keep a track of periods and end up think miscarriage as periods. But the symptoms can help you know only after 8 weeks. If it’s been 8 weeks and you have periods, then you cannot mistake it as miscarriage.


If nothing works for you to know whether it is miscarriage or periods, then you need to check the color. Bleeding that occurs during miscarriage can vary from brown to bright red. Sometimes, women do have light and heavy bleeding and stop temporary and start again.

If you miscarry before 8 weeks, then the periods might be heavy, but towards the end, the fetal or placental tissues can be noticed.

Menstrual periods

Heavy bleeding, large clots, and pieces of tissues can be experienced while you have menstruation but this doesn’t indicate about miscarriage. Hence, do ensure that you do keep proper track of your menstrual period that helps to know about such issues.

Also, if you soak more than 2 pads for consecutive hours seek medical help.

Sometimes, women do have an early miscarriage and they do end up having some products in the uterus. As it’s about early pregnancy, women do not understand whether it is miscarriage or periods, but if you’re 8 weeks up then you need to consider it as miscarriage. Sometimes the leftover products need to get expelled with the help of online Misoprostol tablets. Hence, whenever you feel like miscarriage, seek advice once from a health care provider.

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