Septic shock- symptoms, causes and treatment

There are times when women do have an abortion and do land in problems with septic shock. Septic shock is a medical emergency and it becomes necessary that during an abortion, women do take utmost care. Women simply need to follow the instructions after they buy abortion pills and get rid of gestation in a prescribed manner. Following the instructions is the only method that helps women to come up with an abortion safely and without any much issue.

Septic shock

Septic shock is when an infection occurs and lowers down the blood pressure of a woman. When you have septic shock, and it is combined with an abortion, the risk of complication increases.

Symptoms that indicate about septic shock

There are women who might land in septic shock if the instructions are not followed. Septic shock is a medical emergency that requires immediate help. Below are the symptoms that require medical help right:

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Severe pain
  3. Heavy breathing
  4. Very high or low blood pressure
  5. Inability to urinate
  6. Heart palpitation
  7. Shaking chills

Causes of abortion along with septic shock

Septic shock usually does occur after having an abortion and it occurs when your body gets exposed to bacterial infection. When an infection occurs, the infection enters your bloodstream and travels in your whole body. This is known as sepsis and is a systemic reaction. 

Initially, when your body interacts, the body temperatures either drops or increases. Also, the below-mentioned conditions might company:

  1. Fluctuation in the white blood cells count
  2. Rapid heart rate
  3. Rapid breathing rate

Due to sepsis, the immune system of the body gets weak ad there are chances that the organ begins to fail. The condition gets such worse that the blood pressure falls dangerously. 

While a woman does have an abortion, there are two main factors that contribute to the onset of septic shock or sepsis and they are:

  • A bacterial infection that occurs due to surgical abortion or self-induced abortion
  • An incomplete abortion wherein the pieces of pregnancy remain in the uterus.

Complications that occur if you have septic shock while having an abortion

Septic shock is really dangerous if it is not treated promptly. The septic can cause to the organs of the body. Below mentioned are the typical complications that can be experienced:

  1. Kidney failure
  2. Cardiac failure
  3. Respiratory failure
  4. Gangrene


Septic shock is an emergency that requires medical treatment and it is an urgency that requires tests for diagnosis and treatment. If you are diagnosed with such infection, you need to get admitted to the intensive care unit. Antibiotics are given to a woman so that the organ failure can be avoided and the infection can be removed. 

Sometimes, only the use of medicaments can help women to get rid of this infection but sometimes surgery is required.


There are certain measures that can help to prevent the septic shock

  • Know about the symptoms that indicate about septic shock after an abortion
  • Follow the directions that are prescribed to you while you were prescribed to order Cytotec tablets for an abortion
  • If you have an infection, try to seek medical help at earliest. 
  • Never try self-induced abortion without medical consult.

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