What you know and don’t know about drinking during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase, but before one does know it there are a number of things that come over you. The day to day work life, household chores, and many other things take a toll on life. While everything goes smoothly, you obviously might consume alcohol occasionally to relax. The consumption on an occasional basis is okay, but for pregnant women, it’s not. Everything that the mother consumes affects the baby or infant and women must look after what she consumes and what not. Women who do not wish to continue with the gestation are recommended to buy Abortion Pills, but those who wish to continue with the gestation are recommended to avoid the consumption of alcohol.

What do studies conclude about the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy?

The studies do consider that the consumption of alcohol can affect the birth of the baby. Women who are pregnant need to know that the consumption of alcohol can increase the chances of affecting the growth of the baby might affect the brain, as well as birth defects, can be experienced. 

Hence, during pregnancy, women are mostly recommended to strictly avoid consumption. 

Consuming alcohol is a choice of a woman

There is an end number of women who end up boozing, but they are too aware that the consumption of liquor can affect the health of their baby. There are certain women who don’t know the actual effect, but only know that it might affect. Hence, most health care providers do discuss about the risks that are involved while one does still continue to consume alcohol. Even after letting everything know, the women decide to continue with the consumption of liquor that it is her decision to take the risk of her willingness. 

What if the liquor is consumed before releasing the pregnancy?

Most of the women do not come to know about pregnancy during the initial stage and till then they might have consumed some alcohol. Till this point, the harm caused to the fetal particles can be only known after certain tests. During the 5-6 week of gestation, there is little or no evidence that proves whether the pregnancy parts got affected or not. 

The number of women even after knowing about the effect of the liquor does not stop consuming the liquor. Instead, they are still asking for the safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed. The fact is there is no such amount that can be consumed is prescribed anywhere. Hence, women simply need to straight away to restrict the consumption of alcohol. Well, some doctors do prescribe that once in a while consuming only a glass or two of drinks can do. 

If you are addicted to alcohol, then do seek help and there is no shame in seeking help. 

  1. Choose non-alcoholic beverages over alcoholic
  2. Try to consume fluids such as water and juices as much as possible
  3. If you indulge in consuming alcohol, simply sip and drink slowly. This will satisfy your craving for alcohol as well you’ll not want to drink more.

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