Things that are to be avoided during a medical abortion

A woman can take care of everyone but fails to take care of herself. During the process of abortion, women do require utmost care and it is necessary that one must take care throughout until women do recover. Only purchasing Mifepristone and Misoprostol online is not enough. Instead, women are guided that they do ensure that all the measures and precautions are taken to get rid of the gestation. First, know about the process and then understand the measures that are to be taken.

Medical abortion process

While having an abortion, women need to start with Mifepristone and then continue with Misoprostol Abortion Pills. The use of the Abortion Pill should be done only if the gestation is within 9 weeks. The use of Mifepristone is to be done so that it can help women to get rid of the gestation. These anti-progesterone hormones are the one that helps women to get rid of the gestation by simply blocking the growth of the pregnancy. After waiting for 24 hours, women can use Misoprostol tablet and this can help to flush the pregnancy parts from the body.

Things that are to be avoided

Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are the stuff that hinders the process of abortion and recovery. In order to avoid the complication during the healing process, avoiding smoking and drinking is prescribed. This also does have an effect on the working of the tablet. Throughout the process, women are recommended to avoid the consumption of liquor and tobacco. If you wish to resume the consumption simply wait for 14-20 days.


A lot of women are prone to doing exercise. Well, this is a good habit, but during a medical abortion, women are guided to avoid performing any strenuous exercise or any work that requires physical labor. This happens because lifting anything heavy or intense exercise can create pressure in the vaginal area and this declines the chances of recovery.


Sexual intercourse soon after having an abortion is not recommended. The vagina is delicate during the abortion and inserting anything can increase the chances of having an infection. The genitals are sensitive and having an infection is possible. Hence, soon after having an abortion, women are recommended to avoid intercourse at least for a month.


As mentioned, inserting anything during a medical abortion is not suggested. The use of Misoprostol tablet causes blood loss and this blood if gets stacked in place, the chances of having an infection increases. Hence, whenever you use Abortion Pills ensure that you do use sanitary pads instead of tampons. Do not insert anything in the vagina, even inserting tampons should be avoided.

Women are recommended to online order Abortion Pills to ensure that all the measures and instructions are followed. Medical abortion is a smooth process and also fast recovery can be experienced after having an abortion. The above mentioned are the necessary tips that women need to follow strictly. Overlooking such tips can prove to be dangerous for the recovery after having an abortion.

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