How does the life of teens get affected due to teenage pregnancy?

Teenage is a delicate phase of life. One needs to take care of themselves, teenage comes with too many challenges, and having pregnancy makes it more difficult. Planning for a child, preparing yourself during the pregnancy and many other things make it challenging. During teens, if you wish to end the gestation, you can order Abortion Pills or undergo a surgical abortion only after seeking consent from the parents. 

Certain things can help teens continue with the pregnancy, whereas some may not act in your favour. 

Life of a pregnant teen

Though one can easily get pregnant as soon as they start to menstruate. Having a child in your teens become difficult. Things become difficult and delivering the child is too difficult. If you wish to continue with the gestation, then do talk to your health care expert and take decisions. Teens can have below mentioned risks when it comes to gestation.

The risk of cephalopelvic disproportion (the head of the child is bigger and the pelvic opening is small)

  • Premature birth
  • Death
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Anemia

Most of the teens who are pregnant are at risk of having a preterm birth. Also, the birth weight of the child is low and most of the time, teen mothers do not consume or get the right amount of nutrients in the body. Visiting the health care provider for regular parental visits can help you prepare for childbirth. Whatever is the case, simply choose to seek medical help from the health care provider. 

Social life during pregnancy

No matter what is your age, being active socially becomes necessary. The relationship with friends, boyfriend, and family is something that you need to take care of even during this period. Sometimes the mood swings, fatigue, and many other changes are experienced by the teens during the gestation. 


Going with the boyfriend throughout the pregnancy is a tricky thing. If you both are teens then it can create pressure on both of you as well it may affect your relationship. Sometimes the relation gets stronger and sometimes it may lead to separation. Hence, during the initial trimester ensure that you talk to someone whom you trust. Once you decide how to continue with the gestation or how to terminate, you can discuss it with your partner and then decide. If you think this unplanned pregnancy is something that cannot be taken forward or carried to the full term, simply choose to order Misoprostol tablets and get rid of gestation. 

Friends and family

During the teen pregnancy, fatigue may occur. Carrying the child to the full term can make it a bit difficult for you to cope with the events. You can simply plan something wherein you can catch up with everyone at the same time. Though you cannot give everyone too much time, you can give some time to everyone. This is a period when you might have various mood swings and many other problems. You must take the right step and practice the things that can help you stay calm. 


Teen pregnancy mostly upsets the parents and you must take care of them. If you’re in your parent's home, simply talk to them or try to do something that can help you gain their trust and bring this to their mind that you think about them. Your parents might also have some doubts and hence talking to them can help you get your as well as their doubts cleared. 

The mentioned are the closest part of our life. Even during teen pregnancy try that you keep them bonded with yourself.

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