Know how gestational diabetes can affect you and your child

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is diagnosed during the first gestation. Like other diabetes, gestational diabetes fluctuates the blood sugar in your body and can increase it and affect your health as well as your infant's health.

With gestational complications concern, there is also good news. Expecting mother can simply make some changes in her diet and if required, they can use the medicaments and get the blood sugar controlled. Controlling blood sugar is one of the best ways to deal with gestational diabetes. After one does deliver the child, diabetes seems to vanish. But women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes are likely to have type 2 diabetes and your blood sugar keeps fluctuating.

At times, women do not even consider carrying the gestation to the delivery and get rid of it with the help of online pregnancy termination tablets if it is risky for the health of women or infants.

If you have gestational diabetes and you fear to carry the child, then below mentioned few things can relax you to take the precautions.


One of the drawbacks of having gestational diabetes is no symptom indicates blood sugar. Only increased thirst and frequent urination are the symptoms that indicate about such type of issues.

Seeking help from the health care provider

When it comes to gestational diabetes women are likely to have it during the pregnancy and this can be simply diagnosed after you conceive. Your health care provider would let you know about the process and if you have gestational diabetes, then you require to often visit clinics.

Complications that affect the infant

When you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes, then the risk is to the health of the mother as well as the infant. Below mentioned are the risk that the infant may have:

Excessive birth growth

Mothers who have blood sugar and are pregnant can cause their babies to grow very large. If the infant weighs 9 pounds, then the child is likely to become wedged in the birth canal and might have birth injuries or need to get delivered via C-section.

Preterm birth

Due to high blood sugar, there are chances that a woman may deliver the child before the due date. Early delivery invites a lot of issues to the infant.

Breathing difficulties

Those babies are born to mothers with gestational diabetes are likely to develop respiratory distress syndrome and this causes breathing difficulties to them.


If blood sugar during gestation is not treated, then it can cause the baby’s death soon after birth or before birth.

Complications that can be experienced by the mother

High blood pressure and preeclampsia

Gestational diabetes and blood pressure go hand in hand and women are diagnosed with blood sugar then it is possible to have high blood pressure in the future. Also, sometimes having preeclampsia is a possibility, and having this condition can threaten the lives of both.

Having C-section

Women with increased levels of blood sugar are likely to have deliveries via C-section.

Future diabetes

Women who are diagnosed with blood sugar during pregnancy are more likely to have diabetes in the future. The risk of having type 2 diabetes is more in such women.


Though there is no such guarantee that can help you prevent it, but keeping a keen eye on your diet is the best way.

Eat healthily

Choose food that contains low fats and calories. Also, watch the portion that you consume.

Keep active

Exercising during gestation can help you a bit. Do not opt for strenuous exercise, even walking is the best exercise during such time.

Conceive while you are healthy

Chasing the right weight is the best option. Try to conceive after you have maintained a proper weight. Look after your eating habits throughout the gestation.

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