Health risk caused to women post-pregnancy

Women giving birth to a child or having an abortion seem to give the same amount of pain. The actual thing is not known by anyone else unless they go through the same pain. Usually women those who do not wish to continue the pregnancy or are at risk due to continuing pregnancy are asked to purchase Abortion Pills and end the gestation. Women those who have fewer complications can simply continue with the pregnancy and carry the gestation to the full term.

Usually, when women carry the gestation to the full term, the risk is mostly increased when women are about to deliver the child. The post-partum period is something that has an impact on women’s life. It affects the future pregnancies, the wellbeing of her child, and many other things.

Data as per some reports

As per the data, the research was conducted over 2000 women.

  • Pain after birth
  • A majority of women post-delivery has reported the pain after delivery. Also, women have mentioned that it interfered with routine activities.
  • Stress, exhaustion and sleep loss
  • After the childbirth sleep loss is common, but stress and exhaustion make it more complicated. At least 50% of women have reported these symptoms.


Women those who have Cesarean birth are at risk mostly to have an infection.

Women post-delivery is likely to experience a difference in mental health. Some women are also likely to have depression, but it can be treated with the help of counseling and treatment.

Nutrition, wellness, and exercise become a bit difficult. As per the survey women post-delivery has experienced problems getting enough exercise.

Death after delivery

There are certain complications due to which women are likely to die during the gestation. The most common reason for death occurs due to heart disorder, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Below mentioned are the leading reasons that cause the death of the mother.


Hemorrhage is nothing but excessive bleeding. There are certain cases wherein women die if the condition is untreated or not recognized at times. This condition may occur up to two weeks after the birth.


As mentioned, the risk of infection is mostly seen in women who have a C-Section. As a result of infection, women are likely to have obesity, flu, and diabetes. Sepsis also does occur in women post-delivery and this is a condition wherein the body reacts to the infection severely and can result in death. Ensure that the hospital you are sticking to delivery your child, they do have a protocol for identifying and treating Sepsis.

Heart problem

This is a condition that becomes difficult to manage. Also, the symptoms cannot be understood at the earliest as most of the symptoms of heart issues are similar to that of pregnancy.

Mental health issues

Postpartum depression, drug abuse, and partner abuse become very difficult to deal with. There is help available for such issues, women without hesitation has to reach for help.

Below are the symptoms for which you can seek help:

  1. Fever above 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Chest pain or blood while coughing blood
  3. Intense headaches
  4. Thoughts of harming yourself
  5. Heavy bleeding following the delivery.
Below are some of the precautions that you can take post-delivery
  • Ensure that your hospital does have appropriate measures for treating hemorrhage or sepsis
  • Meet your health care provider before you get pregnant and inform about the medical conditions you have.
  • Once you return from the hospital after delivery, try to reach them whenever you have any issues after delivery. If the hospital that you have delivered in is out of reach then ensure you get all the paperwork with you.

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