Why should vigorous gym workouts be avoided during pregnancy?

Continuing with the pregnancy or abortion the pregnancy is completely a choice of women. There are several women who do find it convenient to order Abortion Pills and get rid of gestation whereas some prefer to continue with the gestation. 

If you are someone who wishes to know about the effect of the Vigorous exercise or exercise on pregnancy then this blog is for you. Yes, exercise is prescribed during the pregnancy, but vigorous exercise leads to miscarriage or natural abortion. 

Exercise during pregnancy

Yes, exercising is one of the safe practices that can be performed during pregnancy. Exercise provides benefits to the mother as well as the infant. In fact, if you haven’t worked out previously, during the pregnancy you are prescribed to do a few exercises. Before you adapt any specific exercise, ensure that you do once consult your health care provider. During pregnancy, a lot of changes in the body take place, and hence to sync the body with a few changes it is necessary to adapt a few exercises. 

Physical changes that affect exercise

During pregnancy, the body cannot adapt to difficult activities, and hence performing these activities is not recommended. During pregnancy, the growing tummy and weak body make it difficult for women even to perform the basic activities sometimes. Below mentioned are a few changes that can be experienced by women during gestation:

  1. Due to pregnancy hormones, women are likely to have ligament and joint loosen up. The relaxed joints are more prone to infection. 
  2. If you perform strenuous exercise then you are likely to have an increased heart rate. 
  3. At times the blood pressure may drop and this can lead to dizziness and light-headedness
  4. As your tummy grows, the center of the gravity alters and it results in less stabilization
  5. This doesn’t mean you are asked to avoid performing the exercise. Hence, you are asked to perform the exercise that you are comfortable with. 

When to avoid exercising while you are pregnant?

If your body shows below mentioned symptoms, then you can stop and rest:

  1. Headache
  2. Vaginal bleeding
  3. Rapid heartbeat
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Deep back, pelvic or pubic pain
  6. Dizziness
  7. Chest pain

If any of the symptoms persisting then do stop the physical activities and seek help from experts.

Exercises to avoid during gestation

As mentioned, certain exercises are to be avoided. Below mentioned are few that should be avoided by women:

Crunches or sit-ups

If you are pregnant, then avoiding crunches and sits ups are recommended. Such exercise can put pressure on your lower abdomen. 

Overhead shoulder press

During gestation, the body should be taken care of. The exercise during the first trimester should be avoided. Overhead shoulder press causes stress on your lower back and this is not good during the pregnancy.

High-intensity interval workout

During pregnancy, the heart works so that it can increase the demand for blood. Performing high-intensity exercise increases the heartbeat due to which pressure is caused on heart and this is not good. 

Lying flat on the back

During the second and third trimester, ensure that you are not lying on your back. This position causes the supine hypotension syndrome and this can increase the chances of low blood pressure or dizziness. 

Hence, women are guided to only avoid strenuous exercise and not light exercises.

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