Know how the consumption of alcohol affects your gestation

Today every woman is ambitious and due to this they too prefer to consume alcohol. Consumption of alcohol has become a habit and even during the pregnancy, they do crave to consume alcohol. Women who consume alcohol are likely to have many of the issues and hence they are recommended that the consumption of alcohol is avoided as soon as they are diagnosed with pregnancy. Even if you wish to discontinue the gestation with online Abortion Pills you are still recommended that you do avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy

  • Consuming alcohol is to be strictly avoided while you are pregnant
  • Consumption of liquor during the gestation can cause the problem with the baby
  • The defects can be diagnosed while you are pregnant. 

How does the consumption of liquor affect your baby’s health during pregnancy?

Consumption of alcohol, while you are pregnant, might cause some severe problems. Several women do have a question, can they consume the drinks that have less amount of alcohol in it? The answer to this question is NO. There is no certain limit mentioned that can affect the health of the infant, hence it is recommended that women do avoid the consumption of alcohol. 

When you drink liquor during the pregnancy, the alcohol passes into your blood quickly through the umbilical cord and via that to your body. Consuming the liquor does affect the organs of the infant and brain.

Consumption of liquor can increase the complications and below-mentioned problems can be experienced:

Premature birth

This is the problem experienced by women who do not take care during the gestation, premature birth occurs when the infant is born before 37 weeks of gestation. Premature babies do have a number of health issues, even later in life. Brain damage and organ development are common problems that can be experienced by a premature child. 

Birth defects

As mentioned the heart defect, hearing issue, or vision problem is experienced by the infant. Birth defects are the ones that accompany the child from the movement they are born. Sometimes the defects are so intense that the shape or functions of the organs get changed. The birth defects do cause an overall health problem, affect how the organs develop, and affect the working of the body. 


Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a disorder wherein an infant is likely to have an end number of defects in the body and range of problems. The problems include intellectual and development abilities, the infant having issues reading, learning, and communicating. Also, problems such as delay in physical development may occur and this lasts for a lifetime with the infant. 

Low birth weight

If you are an alcohol addict and couldn’t resist the consumption of liquor, then it is likely that the infant born is of low weight. The child may even weight 5 pounds. 


Consumption of liquor invites several problems and one of them is miscarriage. Women who continuously consume alcohol are likely to experience a miscarriage at any stage. This doesn’t mean that women who wish to terminate the gestation can stick to this. They can instead simply opt for online Mifeprex and get rid of the gestation. The consumption of alcohol, if you wish to carry the pregnancy can harm before 20 weeks of gestation. 


This is a major problem as this cannot be diagnosed unless you visit a gynecologist. Women who consume alcohol may also experience stillbirth and this nothing but the infant dies in the womb before the 20th week and there is no bleeding. 

The above-mentioned problems appear to be the severe ones and hence women preferably discontinue consumption.

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