The strong reasons behind unplanned gestation

Misconceptions and lack of knowledge is the reason due to which women do have an unplanned pregnancy. Women having unwished gestation have simply chosen to order abortion pills but have you ever thought what is the hidden cause behind having unwished gestation. The causes behind having unplanned pregnancy are more and some are even known, but at times there are certain causes that are ignored. Several reasons do help women to decide whether to continue the pregnancy or not, but the important factors that raise the unplanned pregnancy situation include sex, failure of contraceptive, or failure to use a contraceptive. 

The below-mentioned blog can help women to figure out the causes that make them land in such situations. 

Lack of educations

Educational life starts from schools and then to colleges, but no one in the whole educational period would guide you about the knowledge of sexual intimacy and its effect on their own life. There is no former education mentioned in any books and colleges that you study and gather knowledge regarding sexual intimacy and care to be taken. When schools and colleges do fail to provide the required knowledge, it is the responsibility of parents to do so. The parents can guide the children regarding the circumstances that can occur and that might affect her whole life. 

Below is a myth that one might have due to lack of education

Myth: I can’t get pregnant while I have my periods.

Fact: Of course, there are fewer chances of getting pregnant, but no where it is mentioned that while having periods you cannot conceive. The sperm stays in the body for 3 days and if you have already bled for 3-4 days and the sperm is active in your body then there are chances that you might get pregnant. 

Contraception negligence

One of the leading causes behind having unplanned pregnancy is contraception negligence. At least half of the women in the USA need to order Mifeprex and Misoprostol pill due to negligence of using a contraceptive. Though even after making use of the contraceptives, women may have an accidental pregnancy such cases are low. Hence, any one of the partners can simply make use of the contraceptive and get rid of unwished gestation. 

Below mentioned is a misconception that one might have.

Myth: Birth control tablet are not safe

Fact: Everything comes in a package and hence the tablets too have some of the negative as well as positive benefits. If women do not feel birth control tablet safe then the use of condoms can be made to avoid the risk of unwished pregnancy. 

Misuse of the contraceptive

Everything works well and gives effective results if it is done in a proper manner. Most of the people have a misunderstanding that only using contraceptive is the best way to avoid the gestation and do not know the right method to use the contraceptive. This not only results in complications, but also results in unwished pregnancy. Hence, women are suggested that they do seek advice from a health care provider and then make use of the appropriate medicaments. 

Below mentioned are the myths that are in people and that needs to be cleared.

Myth: The birth control tablet would still work if I miss it for a few days

Fact: If birth control tablets are not used, then it is likely that its effectiveness gets affected. Hence, individuals need to follow all the instructions provided by a health care provider. Pregnancy is unplanned many times, but it is because of the causes such as lack of education.

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