Vaginal Douching during an abortion, is it safe or not?

Women mostly are aware of douching another possible impact of douching on health and body. Most of the women in the US use vaginal douching on a regular basis and this case can be mostly seen in teens and women those who are in the early 20s. Most of the women do have to believe that after douching she feels fresh and clean.

Some women also do believe that douching is a way that can help to prevent pregnancy if they have had sexual intimacy. But health care provider does not encourage women to douche. Even if you have an abortion with online Abortion Pills you are asked to wash the genitals with water and douching, in any case, is to be strictly avoided.


Douching or douche in simple words means to wash and douching is a process wherein women does wash out the vagina. Most of the women do wash their vagina with the help of water and vinegar, whereas some wash the vagina with the help of scented liquids. Also, is some regions douching means thoroughly washing the vagina.

Douching can be good as well as bad, but it does have an effect on the pH level of your vagina.

Below mentioned are the advantages of douching

  • The douching does have only one advantage as it only helps you to stay clean and hygiene.

Below are the disadvantages of douching

  • Douching is the reason which makes women’s vagina prone to infection and most of the women, those who douche get prone to bacterial vaginosis.
  • The vagina does have a pH level and it is called vaginal flora and this is a natural balance that encourages the favorable bacteria to grow. The douching process disturbs the pH level and it makes women’s vagina easily prone to infection.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory disorder is one of the withdrawals of douching and this is an infection that occurs in the ovaries and passes from a fallopian tube to the uterus.
  • At times women those who douche frequent may have pregnancy complications. Also, as per the reports, it was concluded that women who douche on a regular basis may have problem conceiving and ectopic pregnancy is also a withdrawal symptom of douching.
  • At times health care providers also do make women alert that using scented soaps and other material can increase the risk of having cervical cancer. There is no such evidence, but this disorder is linked to douching at times.

Should one douche or avoid?

Most of the women who buy MTP kit and have an abortion do have thought to keep the genitals clean. When it comes to cleanliness washing with water is enough and hence douching is to be avoided. Douching may lead to infection and during abortion douching may easily may women prone to infection. Even on regular basis women douche due to the vaginal odor. To just get the vaginal odor eliminated, you can seek help from a health care provider and douche is not been promoted by any health care provider.

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