Health risks caused to the mother during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage and no woman would want to spoil the things involved in the whole process. Women with pregnancy have to take care of all the small things and need to deal with complications bravely. Some women do have a smooth pregnancy, whereas some might have complications. Initially during the first trimester, if the issues come up, women are prescribed to buy Abortion Pills and end the gestation. But if during the later stage occurs, then the complications are trying to sort or the pregnancy is terminated with the help of surgical abortion. 

Before pregnancy

While you are pregnant, ensure that you do tell your health care provider about all the medical issues you have. Knowing in advance about your health issues is one of the ways they can help you prescribe the treatment that may not create hurdles during your gestation. Some health issues are harmful and hence it is necessary that one does seek treatment prior and then treats the issue. 

During pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms and complications do range from mild and annoying to discomfort to severe. Certain issues do occur during the pregnancy and hence it is necessary, one does seek remedies during the initial stage and get the disorder treated so that the pregnancy does not have many complications. 

Below mentioned are the complications that women might have during the gestation


Anemia is nothing but low blood cells in the body. Anemia is a condition wherein the blood gets reduced in the body and treating such disorder during the initial period is the best way. Women having anemia are likely to feel tired and weak. Women having anemia are prescribed with iron supplements and folic acid supplements. During the pregnancy, the iron level is checked thoroughly so that the lower levels can be diagnosed. 

Urinary tract infection

A UTI or bacterial infection is an infection that is caused in the urinary tract. The UTI is said to be if you have any of the following indications:

  • Burning or pain sensation while you use the bathroom
  • Shakiness, tiredness, or fever
  • Nausea or back pain
  • Pressure in your lower belly

If you have UTI then seek help from the health care provider. He/she can seek a sample of your urine and treat you in an effective manner to get rid of such disorder. 

Mental health conditions

Some women during and after pregnancy do have depression. It is common and no women have to worry about it. Below mentioned symptoms do indicate that women do have depression:

  • Low or sad mood
  • Thoughts that life is not worthy
  • Problems thinking, making the decision, or concentrating
  • Changes in appetite and energy

The symptoms of depression do last for a week or two. During pregnancy, if women do have an abortion, then it becomes challenging. Hence, if a woman does feel that she is getting prone to depression, then she needs to discuss this with a health care provider. 


Women those who are pregnant are likely to have hypertension and this increases the risk to the life of women and infants. It not only affects throughout the pregnancy but also during the delivery women are likely to have some issues. 

Diabetes during pregnancy

Women do develop diabetes during pregnancy and it is known as gestational diabetes. During this period if a woman does have diabetes then she is monitored closely and given treatment for the same

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