Managing missed or incomplete abortion with Cytotec

Women due to some of the other reasons need to bring an end to the gestation. At times even using online Abortion Pills may result in missed abortion or incomplete abortion. Missed abortion is a term that describes the miscarriage of the pregnancy that is not yet been fully passed out of the body. At times women do not have to use Abortion Pills and without knowing about the pregnancy, women do have a miscarriage. If you wish to do miscarriage, then it takes several weeks and if it has occurred naturally then it may occur whenever from the first day of your menstrual cycle.

Women those who have a medical abortion are likely to have the symptoms of pregnancy, such as fatigue, nausea and breast tenderness. This happens due to the high levels of hormones in the body. At times even after having missed abortion, women may not bleed and the reason behind miscarriage may widely vary. At times miscarriage is caused due to random genetic abnormalities and isn’t due to the woman’s lifestyle factors such as exercise, work, sex, travel, etc.

Whenever you are likely to have a pregnancy or have missed abortion, women are prescribed to have an ultrasound test. An ultrasound test is one of the methods that help you know the exact results of an internal system working in your body. Once the diagnosis is made, women are given options to manage the missed abortion with Abortion Pills or surgical abortion.

Diagnosis of missed abortion

The early pregnancy failure or missed abortion can be suspected with the help of symptoms and signs such as vaginal bleeding, dilation of the cervix, and cramping. Usually, if you notice the symptoms and have a feeling that you were pregnant, then you can seek help from the health care provider. The health care provider prescribes to get the diagnosis completed with transvaginal ultrasound or symptoms and serial beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin levels.

The spontaneous abortion includes complete, incomplete and inevitable abortion.

When it comes to complete abortion, the women are tested positive and expected vaginal bleeding results in the expulsion of tissues and the closed cervix os.
If women do have an incomplete abortion or missed abortion, the women are tested positive, vaginal bleeding does occur and without expulsion of the embryo, the closed cervix os occurs.

Medical management of dealing with missed abortion

Medical management is one of the safest methods that can help women to expel the pregnancy particles completely.

Women may not have to compulsorily stick to medical abortion, but can also undergo a surgical abortion. The easiest way to deal with missing abortion is medical abortion as women only have to use the tablets.

Administration of the Cytotec tablets

Women when are asked to have an abortion, the process needs to be started with Mifepristone 200mg. After swallowing the primary tablets, women are asked to maintain an interval of 24 hours. After the use of a primary tablet, women need to use the Cytotec tablet and this helps to completely expel the pregnancy tissues. 

The Cytotec tablets do cause uterine contraction and due to this, the particles of the pregnancy that are in the body are dispelled due to the use of these medicaments.

Many doctors do ask women to use Mifepristone and Cytotec whereas some may ask to Cytotec order online alone to end the gestation.

Many times, the health care provider suggests repeated-dose so that effective results can be experienced by women.

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