Know about the cramping which occurs during the first trimester

When it comes to pregnant women are cautious about everything. Hence, women do take lots of precautions that can help to go through the pregnancy smoothly. If a woman does not wish to have continued with the pregnancy due to any reason, then she can opt to order online Abortion Pills. A number of women do face complications when they have a pregnancy and during such time it becomes necessary that women do make some decisions and end the pregnancy effectively.

During pregnancy, a number of things are being experienced and it is common if women do have cramps. Below given blog can help one to know about the cramps which are being experienced by women during pregnancy.

When women are pregnant and they do experience cramps, twinges or aches then it might worry you. The below-given points can help you know what is normal and when might you need to seek medical help.

Cramping during pregnancy

Yes, cramping during the early trimester is quite normal and usually, this is not a sign of a problem. This happens only because of the small changes which happen in the body as your baby grows and a few different causes do make the cramps which include

Implantation cramp

Cramping is considered to be one of the early signs which is experienced and this is a relay early sign. Women who have one or two weeks of conception can have cramps and this indicates the pregnancy in women. Once the eggs are fertilized in the Fallopian tube, they do travel to the uterus and then they need to get the implant itself into the uterine wall. The implantation of the fertilized egg can cause a little bit of cramping and some of the women may also experience spotting due to this.

Growing uterus

During the initial stage you may not even look pregnant, but your body does go through a number of major changes during the first trimester. During pregnancy, the uterus stretches and makes a room for the baby, and due to this women do have to experience a bit of cramping.


During pregnancy, you do survive for the life of two and hence you are prescribed that you do consume an adequate amount of food and fluid. Hence, not drinking water can result in dehydration and it is common to experience cramps.

Tummy troubles

Gas, bloating, and constipation are common troubles that can be experienced by women during pregnancy and women may feel cramps due to digestion woes.

Below mentioned are a few serious causes of cramping during early pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is when the egg implants into the Fallopian tube or somewhere else other than the uterus. The cramps due to ectopic pregnancy occur to be very painful and such type of pregnancy can be known only after you go through an ultrasound test. Women when do have an ectopic pregnancy, cannot continue with the pregnancy and are asked to terminate the pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy cannot be terminated with the help of online MTP kit pills and hence women are asked to undergo a surgical abortion.


Cramping at times can occur due to the miscarriage and if you have had a miscarriage, then it is common that you may also experience bleeding.

Cramping is a sign which is not worried about but at times it is necessary that one does seek help from a health care provider and know the reason behind cramping.

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