At what stage can different procedures help to abort the pregnancy?

When women do hear unwanted gestation only two terms strike her mind, medical abortion, and surgical abortion. There are safe ways of terminating early pregnancy, but when such a situation comes, women do get confused and become unable to take any decision. Choosing or selecting an abortion method completely depends upon the length of the pregnancy.

Gestation period

Gestation period or the length of pregnancy is something that helps a woman knows how old the pregnancy is. Calculating the gestation period is not tough, one needs to count the days from the first day of the last menstrual periods till the present day. Usually, women with a gestation period of 7-9 weeks can simply buy Abortion Pills whereas women with a length of pregnancy that have a gestation period of above 9 weeks are supposed to undergo a surgical abortion.

What conditions do you avoid the use of the MTP kit?

  • Age: this is the primary factor that may not allow you to use the pills for termination. Women from the age group below 18 or above 35 are asked to avoid the use of the medicament for expelling the pregnancy parts of the body.
  • Medical condition: some females may have a medical history and those who have medical history need to know that they do avoid using these drugs for getting rid of the pregnancy.
  • Other things: women if have an intrauterine device, the device is to be removed first and then the use of MTP kit can be done. Women if do have any allergy towards any of the elements of the med, then the use of this med must be avoided. Also, if you do use any other meds such as blood thinner meds then you need to strictly restrict the use of the MTP kit.

A process depending upon the length of the pregnancy

Medical abortion

Medical abortion is a process that is purely performed with the help of meds and which help women to get rid of the unwished pregnancy. While starting with this process women need to use 1 pill of Mifepristone from MTP kit and this med is used to make the expulsion of the embryo easily. After the administration of the primary pill, women are asked that they do maintain a gap of 24 hours and then make use of the secondary pill that is Misoprostol. This pill enhances the work of the primary pill and causes a contraction of the uterus so that it becomes easy for the dead fetus to come out from the body.

Also, ensure that you do use the medical abortion option or choose to MTP kit online buy only if your gestation period is not more than 9 weeks.

Surgical abortion

When it comes to surgical abortion, the gestation period may exceed 9 weeks. This is the safest process, but is a bit expensive as it is only performed at abortion centers. While having a surgical abortion, the medical expert does insert an instrument that is similar to vacuum and this instrument sucks the pregnancy parts and helps women get rid of the pregnancy.

What consequences can be experienced after making use of this MPT kit?

Medical abortion is performed with the help of the Abortion Pills and this process helps women to get rid of the pregnancy. Though this is the safest method to deal with unwanted pregnancy women need might have to deal with certain after-effects. Medical abortion results in side effects such as bleeding, cramping, fatigue, fever, diarrhea, and nausea.

Also, surgical abortion does result in side effects such as bleeding and cramping but one who undergoes a surgical abortion is not likely to experience many aftermaths.

At different stages of gestation, a woman is asked to use different methods. Abortion Pills such as MTP kit may not prove to be effective after the pregnancy crosses the gestation period of 9 weeks.

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