Abortion at different ages due to various reasons

Unplanned pregnancy is a situation that can be faced by any women and different women do terminate the pregnancy due to different reasons. But at different ages, different reasons can make women terminate the pregnancy.  Women, if wishes purchase online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to start a family. Hence, one needs to understand the condition of women and then plan an abortion.

Below are women categorized as per age and the reasons due to which women prefer abortion

Below the age of 18

This is a fragile age and if women get pregnant at this age, then they may perform unhealthy abortion practices which can prove to be fatal for the health of women. During this age, females may not be allowed to access abortion and hence during this age, it becomes nearly impossible to buy Abortion Pills. Hence, the female below the age of 18 is to be educated about contraceptive and safe intercourse.

Age group between 19-25

Cases of abortion have increased and there are a number of women, those who get pregnant those who are between the age of 19-25. Unprotected intercourse or failure of contraceptives are the primary reasons due to which most of the women do have an abortion. Apart from this, there are other factors that can affect the decision of abortion. The reasons such as career opportunities, higher education, unstable relationship, unmarried status, and financial instability.

Since these reasons are the major causes and do affect the women’s decision, most of the women do prefer to order Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit online and get the pregnancy terminated.

Age group between 25-35

As per the studies you can come across that not many women do have abortions belonging to this group. Women do consider this age as perfect to conceive. Initially, women used to consider 25-28 as a proper age to conceive, but today women will prefer to get pregnant at the age of 28-30.

Age group above 35

Usually during this stage, if women do have a pregnancy, then they do not opt for abortion. Only women who have a child from the previous pregnancy may abort the pregnancy. During this age, there are stages, wherein women need to be responsible and hence most of the women think that terminating the pregnancy during this stage becomes important.

Pregnancy termination at age is possible, but it is necessary that women must fit in the criteria which help to terminate the pregnancy. Women who wish to terminate the pregnancy can simply make the use of the meds after seeking help from the health care provider. Whether to start a family or not is a decision of women as she has to deal with all the reproductive health issues and hence women are guided that they do consider all the factors and then do make the decision. As per the situation, the best decision can be taken by women. It is necessary that women must have an idea about their reproductive health and this can help her take proper care of herself.

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