Why there are chances of women having an infection post-abortion?

Abortion, be it medical or surgical both do have mental as well as the psychical effect on the health of the women. Hence it is necessary that women do take time as this process makes your body take time and heal. Both the process helps to get the pregnancy particles removed from the body. Once the fetus tissues are being removed from the body the body requires a time, which can help to recover from an abortion.

Infection after abortion

Usually, when women do buy Abortion Pills, they are asked to make use of the Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills which help to get the pregnancy terminated. These are general pills which help women to get the pregnancy terminated.

When a woman does administrate these pills there are complete chances that women may get prone to infection. Both these meds work by ripening and softening the cervix and then the fetal particles are removed completely.

Hence, during this time vagina is a bit vulnerable and inserting anything even a tampon can result in infection. After having an abortion vagina heals and during this process, there are chances that the vagina can get easily exposed to the micro-organism and other bacteria which causes infection.

Hence, most of the women are asked to have showers rather than having a bath while they are recovering from an abortion. While having pregnancy termination the uterus contracts and then the fetus is being flushed out from the body and hence the body of women requires a time of 2-3 weeks so that it can be healed.

Check up after having an abortion

If women have had an abortion with Mifepristone and Cytotec pills then she may have to visit the clinic so that she can have a later check-up. At this appointment, the health care provider uses sterilize gloves and speculum (only if required) to know the process of the healing process.

Hence, after having a check-up if your health care provider says it's okay to have sexual intercourse then you can resume with it.
If you do have an infection after having an abortion, then you can have symptoms such as fever, chills, abdominal pain and vaginal discharge.

After having medical abortion women can expect her first menstrual cycle after 6 weeks of the abortion. If any sign of infection or no periods is being experienced then you need to seek medical help.

Pregnancy after abortion

Women who have order Cytotec pill online are suggested to avoid intercourse during they are prescribed with the pills. While a woman is healing if intercourse is performed, there are chances of having infection plus also there are chances that women may again pregnant.

Hence health care provider suggests women to avoid indulging in sexual activity for atleast2-3 weeks after having an abortion. If women are supposed to indulge in sexual intercourse then she is prescribed that she does make the use of the birth control options which can help to avoid the pregnancy. Also, avoiding sexual intimacy helps women recover soon from the abortion process.

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