Why is the Mifeprex pill always used in combination?

When the couple has planned sexual activity, they mostly do have safe and protected sexual activity. When couples do have sexual intercourse in the feeling of a moment then couples are asked to make the use of the protection and this results in an unplanned pregnancy.  Several women think they cannot control it. Instead, if they realize the day they have unprotected sexual activity, then they can make the use of emergency pills and if they come to know after they get pregnant then they can simply buy Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated.

Gestation period

Women who have a gestation period of up to 9 weeks can simply terminate the pregnancy with the help of meds. When the gestation period is as per the criteria of the medical abortion process, then women can simply make the use of the pills and get the pregnancy terminated.


Mifeprex contains Mifepristone as an active element and this med works effectively so that it can help women to end the pregnancy effectively. This med works effectively so that it can help to stop the growth of the pregnancy. When one is using the Mifeprex pill, the nutrients and oxygen are not being provided to the fetus. When the essentials are not being provided to the embryo, then the growth of the fetus is being blocked and hence the embryo gets parted from the uterus.

Pills that can be used with Mifeprex

Women can only use Mifeprex in increased quantity or can use only one pill of it and use another pill such as Misoprostol or Cytotec with it. When the combination of pills is used, one is asked to use Mifeprex and then wait for 24 hours and then make the use of the secondary pill. This secondary pill works so that it can dilate the cervix and then cause contraction of the uterus so that the fetus is being dispelled from the body. When a combination of pills is used women are asked to Mifeprex buy online in decreased quantity and only 1 pill of this med is used, but the quantity of Cytotec pill is 4 pills each of 200mcg when used in combination.

Reason to use a combination of pills

When women are asked to make use of a combination of pills, the reason is each pill does work as per their efficiency. If the Mifepristone pill is used alone then there are chances that women may have an incomplete abortion and hence women are asked to make the use of a combination of pills.

At times women may also have to go through a surgical abortion to get the fetal particles removed completely if they have an incomplete abortion.

The best combination to have an abortion is Mifepristone and Misoprostol and women are mostly asked to use this med. At times health care providers do ask women to make use of single-pill only if the gestation period is less. Women need to ensure that they do follow all the instructions and precautions which are being provided by the health care provider.

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