Vaginal or Buccal? Which is the right method to administrate the pills?

In several countries, women are only able to access the online Abortion Pills and not the local stores and it might be a better decision for women to end the pregnancy effectively. To terminate the pregnancy, women need to have a gestation period of 10 weeks and should only fit in the criteria to use the pills for abortion. The use of Abortion Pills is the best option which also helps women to maintain the privacy of abortion.

Using Cytotec pill

Aborting the pregnancy with this med is a safer substitute that helps to terminate the pregnancy. Women can have control over the reproductive organ easily due to the use of the meds which are being used.

In the USA the med such as Cytotec is been approved by the FDA, which can help to end the pregnancy. This med is mainly used so that it can help to treat stomach ulcers and start labor.

The process to administrate Cytotec for abortion

Women who are asked Cytotec buy online to end the pregnancy to make use of 12 pills of this med. These pills are placed two methods-vaginally and buccally.


Women need to place these pills deep inside the vagina. At a time one pill and 4 pills in a batch are to be placed. Once these pills are placed they help to dilate the cervix and then contracts the uterus due to which the pregnancy parts are being dispelled from the body.


When women are asked to place the pills buccally then women need to ace this termination pill in cheek pouches. These termination pills when are placed are to be dissolved with the help of saliva and then the leftover granules are to be gulped with a glass of water. This termination pill does work by contracting the uterus and this helps to flush the fetus from the body.

Side effect

Women who make the use of the Mifepristone and Cytotec pill are likely to come across some of the side effects. Bleeding and cramping stand to be the prior symptoms that indicate the process of abortion. The other side effects which can be experienced are nausea, fever, diarrhea, fatigue and vomiting and these side effects do get severe at times. Hence, if any, of the side effects get severe then women are asked to seek medical help to get these side effects treated.


  • Women who are asked to make use of the Cytotec pill need to ensure that they do avoid the use of the meds which interact and results in side effects.
  • Women need to ensure that they do strictly make the use of the sanitary pads as this can help to monitor the bleeding as well can help to avoid the infection.
  • Women need to avoid the use of magnesium as this interacts and results in side effects.
  • While using the Cytotec pill if women do have intrauterine devices in the body than women are asked to remove the device first and then make the use of the pills for the pregnancy termination.
  • Administrating the Cytotec pills both ways can help women to get effective results. Only women need to know that they do follow the right method to get the pregnancy terminated.

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